IPS - P-70 PVC Primer - Purple

IPS - P-70 PVC Primer - Purple
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IPS - P-70 PVC Primer - Purple

SKU: 10223
  • Manufacturer pack size: 12/Pack
  • Premium industrial strength primer essential for proper softening and preparation of PVC and CPVC pipe and fitting surfaces
  • ƒSpecially recommended for use on Schedule 80 (PN 10 and higher) and large size pipe
  • ƒExcellent for cold weather applications

WELD-ON® P-70™ is an industrial grade, low VOC emission, non-bodied, fast acting, primer. The strong, aggressive action of P-70 primer rapidly softens and dissolves the joining surfaces of PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings. The benefit of this priming action is especially noticeable on parts being joined together in cold weather. Available in clear and purple; the latter allows easy identification when used on the joining surfaces. Handle with care, will stain most materials and surfaces.

WELD-ON P-70 primer, when used in conjunction with appropriate WELD-ON solvent cements, will make consistently strong, wellfused joints. It is essential that the joining surfaces of pipe and fittings be softened and remains softened prior to assembly. The main function of the primer is to expedite the penetration and softening of the surfaces. Its rate of penetration into the joining surfaces is more rapid than that of solvent cement alone. P-70 primer is suitable for use with all types, classes and schedules of PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings. It is specially recommended for use on Schedule 80 and large pipe size. Detailed directions on making solvent cemented joints are printed on the container label. An installation DVD/CD covering solvent cementing is available. It not only describes the basic principles of solvent cementing, but also covers the handling, storage and use of our products. It is highly recommended that the installer review the instructions supplied by the pipe and fitting manufacturer. NOTE: WELD-ON solvent cements must never be used in a CPVC system using or being tested by compressed air or gases; including air-over-water booster.


  • Meets ASTM F 656 Standard
  • ƒMeets SCAQMD Rule 1168/316A
  • ƒCompliant with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). When using this WELD-ON low VOC product, credit can be claimed for LEED Green Building Rating System – Indoor Environmental Quality.
  • ƒListed by NSF International for compliance with ASTM F 656, NSF/ANSI Standard 14, and NSF/ANSI Standard61 for use on potable water, drain, waste, vent and sewer applications.
  • ƒWELD-ON P-70 Purple Only - Listed by IAPMO for compliance with ASTM F 656 and applicable sections of the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code®.