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Get the Best PVC Irrigation Pipe Fittings and PVC Sprinkler Fittings by Top Brands!

Looking for the best PVC pipe fitting for your sprinkler or irrigation system? We carry many types of PVC Schedule 40 or 80 pipe fittings from trusted manufacturers such as NDS, Toro, Spears, Lasco, Harrington and Romac!

Check out our wide selection of irrigation and sprinkler fittings for PVC irrigation pipe systems, which include socket fittings and threaded fittings in an exhaustive array of sizes. We have it all: bushings, flanges, saddles, elbows, male and female adapters, tees, couplings, nipples, risers, caps, plugs and more!

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Find an Irrigation PVC Pipe Fitting by Harrington, Romac, Lasco, NDS or Spears

Need just the right fitting for PVC irrigation pipe? We have the widest, most competitively priced selection in the industry!

We have every fitting for PVC pipe you could possibly need for your irrigation and sprinkler systems, whether you’re looking for socket (slip) or threaded fittings. Our numerous types of PVC irrigation pipe connectors include: couplings, nipples, elbows, male and female adapters, saddles, tees, bushings, flanges, risers, caps, plugs and more!

Here are some highlights from our wide selection. Can’t find what you need? Just contact us!

PVC couplers/repair couplings

Reinders offers many different kinds of PVC irrigation pipe coupler fittings and PVC irrigation pipe repair couplings for sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Looking for one of our many PVC irrigation pipe coupler fittings by Spears Manufacturing? We’ve got Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 PVC reducers, adapters, unions and more, in a wide variety of sizes, socket fittings and threaded fittings.

How about Dawn Industries’ 1" KwikConnect Coupling? We’ve got that, too – no clamps, no tools, no hassles!

We offer several types of PVC repair or compression couplings, as well. Here are our choices:

Spears - PVC Repair Coupling Spigot X Socket (Slip) Fitting

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Telescoping design
  • EPDM pressure O-ring

Harco (Harrington Corp.) - PVC Repair Coupling

  • Gasket design allows for travel in both directions
  • No bolts, no glue, no set time
  • Place larger object against coupling to knock in place

Romac - 501 Straight Coupling For PVC Pipe

  • Color-coded interchangeable end rings
  • Flexibly joins pipe of same or different diameters
  • Rated at 260 PSI
  • Available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch diameters in 2- to 24-inch lengths

NDS - PVC Compression Coupling

  • Available in many different diameters and lengths
  • Corrosion-free, above or below ground
  • Save time and money by eliminating precise cutting and threading galvanized or steel pipe
  • Tap into existing lines and connect to different materials such as steel, plastic, copper or brass
  • Patented locking feature makes repairs easier
  • Dual-seal design prevents leaking; glue-well prevents excess glue from sticking the coupling together

PVC saddles

We offer a huge selection of rigid Clamp-It™ saddle fittings by NDS for PVC irrigation and sprinkler system pipes. These innovative Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 PVC saddle fittings require less installation labor and space. No nuts, no washers, no bolts, no rust – no kidding! All are rated at 200 PSI at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and are NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified for PVC Type II pipe.

Our choices include:

NDS - 8" X 2" Rigid Clamp-It™ Saddle - S X FPT - socket fitting by female pipe taper also available in a wide range of other sizes.

NDS - 4" X 1-1/4" Rigid Clamp-It™ Saddle - IPS X FIPT  - iron pipe straight thread by female (iron) pipe taper also available in 2” X 1 ½".

PVC tees

We carry various types of Schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipe tee fittings by Spears Manufacturing that include socket fitting and threaded ends. Looking for Toro PVC irrigation pipe tees? We carry those, too!

Prefer Lasco’s PVC tee fittings for irrigation pipe? Here are two great choices:

Lasco - 2-inch X 1½-inch PVC Service Tee Slip X Slip X Acme

Lasco - 2-inch PVC Surge Guard Tee - Slip X Slip

We also carry tees for PVC irrigation pipes by Dawn Industries and Harco (Harrington Corp.):

Dawn Industries - 1" KwikConnect Tee

Harco - PVC Service Tee for IPS Pressure Pipe - Gasket X Gasket X FPT

PVC elbows

Reinders offers a wide selection of Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 PVC irrigation pipe elbow fittings by Spears for irrigation and sprinkler piping systems. Choose from Spears’ many different sizes and choices, from reducing elbows to street elbows to 45-degree elbows, and from socket fitting ends to threaded ends.

We also offer Dawn Industries’ KwikConnect PVC elbows and the following products by Lasco:

Lasco - 2" X 1-1/2" PVC Service Elbow Slip X Acme

Lasco - 2" PVC Surge Guard 90° Elbow - Slip X Slip

Lasco - 2" PVC Surge Guard 45° Elbow - Slip X Slip

PVC nipples and cutoff nipples

Our myriad types of PVC nipples and cutoff nipple fittings by Spears include TOE and TBE fittings for Schedule 40 and 80 sprinkler or irrigation pipe systems. We also carry a nipple riser with 1/2-inch cut-offs by Toro that comes in 3- and 6-inch lengths.

PVC caps and plugs

Need PVC irrigation pipe caps or plug fittings? We offer several Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 options by Spears, including socket fitting caps, threaded caps, threaded plugs, plug spigots and cleanout plugs. We also carry Dawn Industries’ 1" KwikConnect End of Line and Lasco's 2" Heavy Turf Thrust Plugs Spigot.

PVC bushings

We offer several different reducer bushing fittings for PVC irrigation pipe from Spears, including MPT X FPT, spigot X socket (slip) and spigot X FPT. Made for Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 PVC pipe, each fitting is available in a wide range of sizes.

PVC adapters

Reinders carries Schedule 40 and 80 male adapters and female adapters for PVC irrigation pipe by Spears, including spigot X female and slip X FPT.

PVC flanges

Our PVC flange fittings by Spears are for Schedule 80 irrigation pipe and include blind and Van Stone flange X slip (socket) fittings in a variety of different sizes.

PVC risers

We offer one Schedule 40 PVC irrigation pipe riser extension by Spears, and it comes in a variety of sizes for sprinkler and irrigation system piping.