5MM 100 Light Wide Angle Conical Net LED Lights

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Spread holiday cheer with ease using 5MM Christmas LED net lights for this year’s lighting displays

5mm LED Net lights5mm LED Net lights

If you’re looking to cover a large area in lights with minimal effort and time, look no further. 5MM Christmas LED net lights are the ultimate solution for Christmas lighting that takes little time to install but still reaps all the favorable benefits of the 5MM LED bulb, like a luminous glow and bright color.

With a wide angle, conical shape, and a large variety of colors, there are 5MM LED Christmas lights to suit your ideal décor theme and style.

5MM LED Christmas lights bring simplicity and tradition to the holidays.

Putting up Christmas lights doesn’t have to induce headaches. Now, it’s easy to decorate bushes, hedges, and trees with 5MM Christmas LED net lights.

5MM LEDs—100 bulbs to be exact—are evenly distributed in a net/grid pattern. This large net has perfect flecks of color paired with a radiant glow, making it a breeze to lay over any outdoor landscaping for a festive holiday lighting display that took only minutes to achieve.

LED net lights on shrubsLED net lights on shrubs

Net lighting’s simplicity is not the only feature to praise. Here are some 5MM Christmas LED net light good-to-knows:

  • 5MM Wide Angle Conicals- Our LED net lighting features 5MM bulbs, which are the most favorable lights of professional Christmas lighting.
  • Intense Illumination- The wide-angle conical bulb is 25% brighter than traditional Christmas lights.
  • Labor Effective- Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1) Buy the LED net lighting in favorite color, 2) Lay the net onto desired bushes or shrubs, 3) Plug ‘em in to see them glow!
  • Cost Effective- Because the 5MM bulbs are evenly spread throughout the net, there’s no need to purchase an excessive amount of lights for certain outdoor areas. Thus, money saved!
  • Indestructible Bulbs- 5MM LED Christmas lights have an extremely low-profile with a unique, concave design. They’ll withstand anything mother nature throws at them, without the risk of being damaged or broken.

There are so many uses for 5MM Christmas LED net lighting, both indoors and outdoors. Lay warm white 5MM LED nets over bushes and shrubs to achieve a cohesive, traditional look to your landscaping, drape festive red 5MM LED net lights over wireframe archways to line neighborhood sidewalks, or hang bright colors like pink or teal 5MM LED net lights across spacious walls for a fun picture backdrop at parties.

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