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Control Pests and Eliminate Disease-Carrying Insects with Lawn Insecticide Spray

An insecticide works by killing insects with its toxic substance. It’s easy to add a lawn insecticide spray into your lawn care routine to not only control pests that may infest cultivated plants like ornamentals but also eliminate harmful insects that may be carrying disease in a specific area.

For better penetration and guaranteed results, choose Reinders for all of your tree and shrub insecticide spray needs. Shop sprays and chemicals from the industry’s top-performing brands like SyngentaBayerNufarmProkoz, and Andersons to achieve insect-free lawns.

Insecticide Sprays Efficiently Protect Lush, Beautiful Landscaping and Ornamentals All Season Long

Plants have naturally occurring organic compounds that function as useful insecticides.

However, with the addition of a lawn and turf insecticide spray, you’ll be able to spray or dust plants and surfaces that are commonly fed upon by insects to effectively control and eliminate such pests.

Insecticides work in many different ways, but their goal is the same; to kill, harm, repel, or mitigate insects— whether one species or many!

Classification of insecticide sprays into different classes is based on how the chemicals affect the targeted insect. Insecticides can penetrate and affect the pests in one of few ways:

  • Chemical sprays can disrupt the nervous system.
  • Contact poisons may penetrate pests’ skin.
  • Some toxic compounds enter the stomach or respiratory systems.
  • Others damage exoskeletons. 
  • Certain insecticides repel or control pests.

Types of Insecticides

Not all insecticides are a one-size-fits-all product. Because of different means of targeting the insect and various chemical forms, it’s essential to understand the types of insecticides before choosing the best one for pest control on your turf or lawn.

Contact Insecticides- Contact insecticides kill pests when they come into direct contact with the chemical on the plant’s surface. It’s common to use this type of insecticides for pests like mosquitos.

Systematic Insecticides- This type of insecticide goes into the soil to be absorbed by plant roots. The plant then allows the insecticide to move up throughout the entire body, including the leaves, branches, twigs, and fruits, to protect it from pests.

The Best Lawn Insecticide Sprays at Reinders

Lush, beautiful landscaping can stay that way all season long thanks to the best lawn and turf insecticide sprays found right here on

Efficiently tackle infestations of harmful and damaging pests like chinch bugs, mole crickets, ants, and other insects with liquid and granular insecticides. Shop our selection of products from brands you can trust, including SyngentaBayerNufarmProkoz, and Andersons, to save your lawn!

Syngenta Advion Ant Bait

Syngenta’s Advion ant gel is the perfect solution for broad-spectrum ant control. The high attractant, homogenous formulation targets most pest species of ants over an extended prior, resulting in thorough control of the infestation. You’ll target key sweet feeders and additional ant species in residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, and transportation equipment.

Syngenta Acelepryn Insecticide

If you’re looking for a season-long insect killer for lawns, look no further than Syngenta’s Acelepryn Insecticide. Apply a single application during springtime months for season-long grub control! Not only will you combat and control turf-damaging white grub species, but you’ll also control a variety of caterpillars like lack cutworms and sod webworms. This flexible insecticide spray allows rainfall to move it into the soil or irrigate after application, providing excellent results when the timing is right. With this product, you’ll be able to control pests on golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, ornamental gardens, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

Bayer Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide

Bayer’s Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide is an easy-to-use, fast-acting insect control spray. Achieve immediate knockdown and broad-spectrum control over 100 nuisance pests in and around buildings, residential and commercial turfs, and ornamentals. With low toxicity and long residual effect, you’ll be able to powerfully control pests without hassle or mess.

Bayer CoreTect Tree and Shrub Tablet Insecticide

Caring for trees and shrubs is simple, thanks to the simple application of Bayer’s CoreTect tablets. Simply place the tablet into the soil to provide residual control of 16 leading pests on residential and commercial ornamental trees and shrubs, whether brand new or well-established. With a controlled release formula, you’ll achieve long-residual systemic insect control that encourages plant health and resistance. You can effectively use tablets on residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, forested areas, greenhouses, and interiorscapes.

Nufarm Safari 20 SG Insecticide

This super-systemic ornamental insecticide spray is known for its quick uptake and knockdowns thanks to an increased concentration formula. With broad-spectrum control, you can protect herbaceous ornamentals from costly, ferocious, and invasive pests. Use Safari 20 SG insecticide spray as a foliar spray or soil drench for commercial and residential landscapes, greenhouse and nursery ornamentals, interior plantscapes, non-bearing tree fruit, nut, and vines, and vegetable transplants grown in enclosed structures.

Prokoz Avalon Insecticide Tip N Pour Jug

You’ll be able to control a wide spectrum of insects and mites with Prokoz’s Avalon Insecticide. It’s the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor areas, including residential, institutional, public, commercial, and industrial buildings, greenhouses, animal/livestock premises, kennels, food handling establishments, and lawns, ornamentals, parks, and recreational areas.

Andersons DuoCide Post Emergent Insecticide

Combat disease, weeds, and insects with Andersons’s granular insecticide formula. Granules disperse into microparticles when watered to move throughout the turf canopy down into the roots. Quick dispersion allows for direct movement into the soil— the perfect preventative and curative treatment for pests on residential lawns, parks and athletic fields, and ornamental plantings.

There are plenty more turf and lawn insecticide sprays to choose from to efficiently kill off, prevent, and control harmful pests in your beautiful landscaping!

Our team of experts is ready and able to help you with all of your lawn care needs.

From product recommendations to chemical insecticide tips, we’ll help save your ornamentals, turf, trees, and shrubs with unmatched service and result-driven products. Contact us today!

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