Syngenta - Headway G Fungicide - 30 LB BAG

  • Will typically disperse with a heavy dew or light watering
  • Carrier provides for root uptake and also leaf intake
  • Lighter-weight granules spread over a wider area
  • Broad-spectrum control up to 28 days.
  • Previous Part Number: 62167
  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 60
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Effectively Control and Prevent Plant Disease with Headway G Fungicide

Headway G Fungicide is your premier fungicide choice for killing or preventing fungi and spore growth. Headway G combines the effectiveness of a fungicide spray with the convenience of a granular to create one highly soluble carrier that can control fungi that damages plants.

Headway G Provides Broad-Spectrum Control with Two Modes of Action!

Do you have unwanted fungi growing in your land causing plant disease? Is it damaging your surrounding landscape? You need Syngenta’s Headway G fungicide to provide long-lasting, broad-spectrum control on a wide variety of turfgrass diseases and fungi. Syngenta’s fungicide Headway G label prevents, kills, mitigates, or inhibits fungi growth on plants.

Headway G provides the effectiveness of a spray formula with the convenience of a granular fungicide. The highly soluble carrier can dissolve and disperse with just a heavy dew, adding to the efficiency of the product. What’s more, the lightweight granules spread effortlessly over larger areas, saving you time and physical labor.
The active ingredients, Azoxystrobin and Propiconazole, work by either damaging the fungal cell membranes or interfering with fungal cell’s energy production.

Headway G conveniently provides two potent, effective modes of action— root uptake and leaf intake— to combat disease resistance while also protecting turf from a broad range of diseases. Golf-course maintenance has never been easier; Headway G provides the best control over turf diseases to keep visible acreage of fairways brilliantly green, fungi-free, and healthy.

Diseases Controlled with Headway G

  • Anthracnose
  • Brown Patch
  • Dollar Spot
  • Rust
  • Snow Molds
  • Necrotic Ring Spot
  • Pythium
  • Take-All Patch
  • See label for a complete list

The broad-spectrum formulation of Headway G takes care of a wide variety of fungi and turfgrass diseases and controls them for up to 28 days, opposed to only a small range of fungal types with selective formulas.

Headway G Label Use Sites
Broad-spectrum control is the perfect fungicide option for the following use sites:

  • Golf Courses
  • Residential and Commercial Lawns
  • Parks
  • Athletic Fields
  • See label for a complete list of use sites

The timing and frequency of your Headway G fungicide application can significantly contribute to the product's effectiveness, so it is recommended to properly diagnose fungal diseases on your use sites before application. Prioritizing plant health by ensuring the soil, water, and light conditions are ideal for the turf and plant types will be the best management strategy for contractors and landscapers alike, along with the use of Syngenta’s Headway G granular fungicide. 

Discover More from Syngenta

Globally, Syngenta is a leading agriculture company striving to improve the way farmers use available resources. With their collaborative and trusted team, they are changing the agriculture industry for the better— enhancing seed and crop protection and enabling food resources to feed the world safely.

Syngenta’s Turf & Landscape sector plays to the same strengths of seed and crop protection but uses it to develop innovative solutions for turf care. With a breadth of coverage and proven performance from their product portfolio, Syngenta Crop Protection works hard and works well when it comes to protecting turf, no matter the species or season.

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Whether that starts with Headway G fungicide or other turf and landscape granular fungicides, we’re here to help you achieve healthy, disease-free plants and beautiful landscaping land while saving you time, energy, and money.

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