Weathermatic - SmartLine 4 Zone Base Controller

Weathermatic - SmartLine 4 Zone Base Controller
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Weathermatic - SmartLine 4 Zone Base Controller

SKU: SL1600
  • 4 programs: A, B, C; program D can operate concurrently
  • 8 start times per program
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Basic Mode: User Controlled Conventional Operation
  • Smart Mode: Daily automatic programming adjustments

The SmartLine feature set exceeds that of most high-end controllers, yet was engineered to make ET -Based Water Management affordable for any sized project.

Two Controllers in One

The “Basic” mode programs exactly like the conventional controllers used by most manufacturers. There’s no need to learn a new method. The “Smart” mode is where the power lies. Combined with our SLW Series Weather Stations, SmartLine becomes an ET-Based water-saving controller that adjusts watering times 365 days a year.

Smart Mode

ET Watering adjusts the duration, frequency, and soak time by several factors. Weather Data combined with geographical location, sprinkler type, plant type, soil type, and a fine tuning option, enables your SmartLine controller to make precise watering decisions.

Access from Anywhere

The days of irrigation controllers being programmed once, and left alone for months, is over. The SmartLink Network gives you access to your SmartLine controllers via your Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone. Irrigation Management made simple, affordable, and packed with features.

Backlit LCD

No flashlight required in dark basements and garages. No battery required! On board memory chip retains time, date and program information even during a power outage.