Rain Bird - RD1800 Series -  4" Spray Head with SAM Check Valve, 45 PSI Pressure Regulator and Flow-Shield
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Rain Bird - RD1800 Series - 4" Spray Head with SAM Check Valve, 45 PSI Pressure Regulator and Flow-Shield


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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 75. Pallet Size = 1800
  • All sprinkler components are removable from the top without special tools, providing for quick and easy flushing and maintenance of the sprinkler
  • Parts developed to be resistant to corrosion in treated recycled water containing chlorine and other chemicals
  • Strong stainless steel spring provides reliable stem retraction and withstands corrosion
  • Constructed of time-proven ultravioletresistant plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, assuring long product life
  • Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic spray head nozzles - Rotary Nozzles, U-Series, MPR, HE-VAN, VAN, and SQ Series
  • Seal-A-Matic(SAM) check valve
  • 45 PSI pressure regulator

The RD1800 Series has been built to withstand harsh operating conditions such as chemically treated recycled water (reclaimed / nonpotable), dirty water containing grit, debris, and other particulates, and high operating pressures common in commercial irrigation systems.

The RD1800 Series features an exclusive comolded, pressure activated Triple-Blade Wiper Seal to assure a positive seal without excess “flow-by”, which enables more heads to be installed on the same valve. The Triple-Blade Wiper Seal precisely balances flushing, flow-by and debris protection to optimize performance and durability at pop-up and retraction. Precision-controlled flushing at pop-up and retraction clears debris, assuring positive stem retraction in all soil types. Debris pockets in the base of the spray body prevent recirculation of harmful debris during operation to reduce wear on the wiper seal and stem.

Exclusive Flow-Shield Technology

Exclusive Flow-Shield™ Technology provides up to 90% reduction in water loss when a nozzle is removed, preventing potentially costly and unacceptable run-off.

Service Indication Stream

Exclusive Flow-Shield Technology delivers a low-flow service indication stream when a nozzle is removed. As a result, system performance is maintained, water is saved and you don’t have to wait until you have brown grass or dead plants to notice something’s wrong.

Patented Pressure Regulation

The RD1800’s patented pressure regulator increases nozzle efficiency by up to 50% in high pressure applications.

Reinforced Ratchet Mechanism

The RD1800’s ratchet mechanism was designed to improve ease of use and consistency, hold its setting over time, withstand years of chlorine exposure and provide greater debris resistance.

Patented Triple-Blade Wiper Seal

The RD1800™ Series features a patented Triple-Blade Wiper Seal. The top seal flushes during pop-up and wipes the stem clean during retraction, preventing external debris from entering. During operation, the primary seal combines with the stem’s surface to eliminate flow-by. The exclusive Third Blade provides another line of defense, in case the primary seal is damaged.

Reclaimed Water Resistant

The RD1800 Series is designed with reclaim water resistant materials such as EPDM and Polyester. These materials resist degradation caused by chlorine in reclaimed water, ensuring a longer life.

Seal-A-Matic (SAM) Check Valve

Exclusive to Rain Bird, the SAM Check Valve holds back up to 14' of head and helps eliminate low head drainage, erosion, run-off and water hammer at start-up.

Unique Debris Pockets

With each system start-up, the RD1800’s unique debris pockets hold grit in place, removing it from circulation and preventing long-term damage.