Nufarm - Tourney Fungicide - 5 LB BTL

Nufarm - Tourney Fungicide - 5 LB BTL
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Nufarm - Tourney Fungicide - 5 LB BTL

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 4
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  • Controls a broad spectrum of the toughest diseases, including fairy ring, summer patch, and brown patch
  • Exceptional turf quality
  • Low use rates: less environmental load

For effective control of a broad spectrum of tough diseases, including anthracnose, brown patch, summer patch, take-all patch, fairy ring, dollar spot, necrotic ring spot, gray leaf spot, snow mold and other patch diseases.

Tourney Fungicide is formulated as 50% water dispersible granular (WDG). The active ingredient is Metconazole, a broad spectrum triazole fungicide that works by inhibiting demethylation and other processes in sterol biosynthesis. It is systemic and is quickly absorbed in to plant tissue. Tourney Fungicide displays preventative and curative properties.

Active Ingredient: Metconazole

For Use On

  • Commercial and residential landscapes
  • Golf courses
  • Non-bearing trees
  • Outdoor woody ornamentals
  • Recreational areas
  • Sod farms


  • Anthracnose
  • Brown patch
  • Dollar spot
  • Fairy ring
  • Gray leaf spot
  • Necrotic ring spot
  • Rusts
  • Snow mold
  • Summer patch
  • Take-all patch
  • See product label for complete list


0.18-0.44 OZ with water/1,000 SQ FT

Apply as a foliar spray when targeting foliar diseases or as a drench when targeting crown and/or root diseases.
100 GAL of spray mix will treat 20,000 SQ FT of area when using a typical high volume sprayer. If using a low volume sprayer, adjust concentration to apply the same amount of product per unit area.

See label for complete application instructions.


Do not apply more than 4 LBS/ACRE/year.

Do not apply directly to bermudagrass greens.

Do not apply through any type of irrigation system.

Do not apply by aerial application.

See label for complete restrictions.

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