Nufarm - Sureguard SC Pre and Post Emergent Herbicide

Nufarm - Sureguard SC Pre and Post Emergent Herbicide
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Nufarm - Sureguard SC Pre and Post Emergent Herbicide

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  • Convenient easy to mix and apply patent pending liquid formulation
  • Broad spectrum including tough-to-control weeds
  • Fast and effective knockdown when tank mixed with glyphosate, even on glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • No staining, spray formulation
  • No yellow color, odor, or concerns with off-target movement and volatility

SureGuard SC delivers the same long-lasting residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds that you’ve come to expect from SureGuard in a new convenient liquid formulation. Also, SureGuard SC enhances the speed and spectrum of glyphosate when used as a tank mix partner, even on glyphosate resistant weeds.

This product is a fast-acting contact herbicide that is effective as a preemergence/postemergence herbicide for control of selected grass and broadleaf weeds. It controls weeds by inhibit protoporphyrinogen oxidase, and essential enzyme required by plants for chlorophyll biosynthesis. Seedling weeds are controlled preemergence when exposed to sunlight following contact with the soil applied herbicide.

Active Ingredient: Flumioxazin

For Use On:

  • Container and field grown conifers including Christmas trees
  • Container and field grown deciduous trees and non-bearing fruit and nut trees and vines
  • Non-crop areas and around buildings, fencerows, gravel surfaces, driveways, ground mats, and other similar sites

Weeds Controlled

  • Barnyardgrass*
  • Bluegrass*
  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass*
  • Dandelion*
  • Foxtail*
  • Plantain
  • Ragweed
  • Spurge
  • *Pre-emerge only
  • See label for complete list


Pre Emergent

Pre-emergence weed control with SureGuard® SC is most effective when applied to clean, weed free soil surfaces prior to weed emergence. Moisture is necessary to activate this product on soil for residual weed control. Dry weather following application of this product may reduce effectiveness. However, when adequate moisture is received after dry conditions, this product will control susceptible germinating weeds.

To ensure uniform coverage when using boom sprayers, use 10-40 GAL of spray solution per acre. When making backpack applications, apply 50-100 GAL of spray solution per acre. Nozzle selection should meet manufacturer’s gallonage and pressure recommendation for pre-emergence herbicide application.

Post Emergent

The most effective post-emergence weed control occurs when applied in combination with a surfactant to weeds less than 2” in height. Apply only to actively growing weeds. This product is most effective when applied under sunny conditions at temperatures above 65°F.

SureGuard SC is rainfast 1 HR after application. Applications should not be made if rain is expected within 1 HR of application or efficacy may be reduced.

To ensure thorough coverage when using boom sprayers apply 15-30 GAL of spray solution per acre. Apply 20-30 GAL/ACRE when using a boom sprayer if dense vegetation or heavy residue is present on the soil surface. When applying with a backpack sprayer, apply 1 GAL of spray solution per 500-1,000 SQ FT. Nozzle selection should meet manufacturer’s gallonage and pressure recommendations for post-emergence herbicide application.

See label for complete application instructions.


Do not apply in enclosed greenhouse structures if plants are present.

Do not move plants into enclosed greenhouses for 24 HRS and until the treated area has been watered.

Do not apply when weather conditions favor spray drift from treated areas.

Do not graze treated fields or hay to livestock.

Do not incorporate into soil after application.

Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

Do not apply when plants are under stress from insects, diseases, animals or winter injury, planting shock or any other stresses. Only apply to healthy established trees and ornamentals.

Do not apply more than 12 OZ /ACRE of this product per application.

Do not apply more than 24 OZ/ACRE of this product per year.

See label for complete restrictions.

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