Mitered Drain - 4" HDPE Black 3:1 Slope

Mitered Drain - 4" HDPE Black 3:1 Slope
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Mitered Drain - 4" HDPE Black 3:1 Slope


Mitered HDPE Drain


  • Perfect for use in hard to drain areas where lack of grade difference makes design difficult.
  • Can be used as an inlet or an outlet.
  • Water drains directly to the flow line of the pipe
  • Adaptable to Almost All Types of Pipe
  • Minimizes standing water-critical in areas where mosquito abatement is of concern
  • Maximizes use of bioswales and reduces runoff into storm drain systems-water stays on the surface longer for natural filtration of contaminants and storm water absorption into the soil
  • Much better than a pop-up or bubble-up system”no drywells to dig, no parts to freeze in winter, no stagnant water in the pipe
  • Aids in designs requiring compliance with the Clean Water Act