Hunter - Single Station Decoder With Surge Suppression and Ground Wire

Hunter - Single Station Decoder With Surge Suppression and Ground Wire
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Hunter - Single Station Decoder With Surge Suppression and Ground Wire

SKU: ICD-100
  • The ICD-100 is a single station decoder for the ACC controller
  • Includes surge suppression and ground wire
  • Maximum recommended distance, decoder to solenoid: 150 ft.

The versatility of the ACC controller grows even more powerful with the addition of the two-wire decoder system from Hunter. ACC-99D uses two-wire decoders to control up to 99 stations without giving up the arsenal of features provided by the ACC. Operating large numbers of valves over long distances, the ACC99D decoder controller takes full advantage of the powerful ACC feature set. Since it’s two-wire powered, it also saves copper wire, simplifies troubleshooting, permits rapid addition of new stations, minimizes trenching, and permits remote sensor monitoring over the two-wire path.

The ACC-99D, Hunter’s most powerful controller, teamed with the most versatile decoders in the industry is an unbeatable combination for large sites with changing needs.

Each ACC-99D permits operation of 99 stations over one or more two-wire “paths” to the field. The full line of decoders comes in 1-, 2-, 4-, and 6-station waterproof configuration. You can even add in-line sensor decoders to monitor remote sensors, via the two-wire paths. Up to 6 different paths out of the controller may be used to make the most efficient use of wire, to minimize trenching and disruption of landscaping. Hunter’s color-coded, twisted pair IDWIRE is a cost-effective, easily-installed, direct burial wiring solution that resists surges and electrical noise, while providing high tensile strength for permanent in-ground installation. The wire may also be spliced to follow piping in complex installations. Earth Grounding: The Hunter Difference. Every ICD decoder has lightning surge suppression, built in. Connect every 12th decoder to earth ground hardware (minimum) and there are no additional surge suppression devices required.


  • Decoder station sizes available: 1, 2, 4, 6
  • Sensor decoder available with Flow and Clik inputs
  • Max. distance to decoder, 12 AWG wire path: 15,000 ft.
  • Max. recommended distance, decoder to solenoid: 150 ft.
  • ICD-HP wireless handheld programmer compatible
  • Two-way communications
  • Surge suppression: Internal (ground wire included)
  • Dual P/MV outputs may be assigned to decoders
  • Wire path connectors included with each decoder
  • Number of wire paths: 6
  • Automatic daily weather-based scheduling with optional Hunter Solar Sync sensorDecoder station sizes available: 1, 2, 4, 6


  • Transformer Input: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2A max at 120V, 1A max at 230V
  • Max AC Current Draw: 120 VAC, 2 Amps; 230 VAC, 1 Amp (max computed with all programs running and optional accessories installed)
  • Transformer output: 24 VAC, 4A, at 120 VAC
    • Decoder Line (path) output: 34 V peak-to-peak
    • Decoder Power draw: 40 mA per active output
    • Solenoid capacity: 2 standard 24 VAC Hunter solenoids per output within 150 ft. runs, up to 14 solenoids max simultaneous (includes dual P/MV outputs)
  • Max. distance to decoder
    • (14 AWG) wire path: 10,000 ft
    • (12 AWG) wire path: 15,000 ft
  • Wiring, Decoder to solenoid: 150 ft. max
  • 6 two-wire output paths to field decoders
  • Two-way confirmation of decoder activation
  • Two-way monitoring of sensor connections (ICD-SEN)
  • Diagnostic LEDs with line status, signal activity, decoder and status
  • ACC-99D Decoder Systems include all standard features of the ACC controller, including:
  • 6 automatic programs, with 4 custom manual (auxiliary) programs
  • Two pump/master valve outputs programmable by station
  • 1 flow meter (diagnostics to station level) and up to 4 sensor inputs (programmable to program level)
  • Programmable overlap or SmartStack by program with simultaneous station groups.
  • Seasonal adjust, 0 to 300% in 1% increments by program
  • Flow learning mode by station with programmable alarm thresholds
  • Station run times up to 6 hours with programmable delay between stations (up to 4 hours)
  • Self-diagnostic circuit breaker skips shorted stations and continues watering
  • SmartPort® equipped for wireless remote control
  • Test program feature allows for quick system checks
  • Central system compatible
  • Upgrade to "smart" weather based watering with Solar Sync Sensor
  • Real-time Flow Monitoring capability built in, with actual flow histories (in GPM or metric) available when connected to Hunter HFS or other compatible flow meters.
  • Flow-learning mode by station, with station-level diagnostics and alarm shutdowns.
  • Easy Retrieve™ backup feature can restore schedules, run times, names and other settings to a saved setup


  • Remote Control Ready Pre-wired to directly accept Hunter ICR or ROAM remote controls —plug and go.
  • Easy Modular Upgrade to Two-way Communication with Central Control Simple plug-in modules upgrade ACC to Hardwire, modem, or radio control from central control software.
  • Information Button Provides programming help, irrigation reports, and displays actual flow in real time. Also used to unlock advanced features.
  • Large Backlit LCD Adjustable contrast for easy viewing in both dim conditions and bright sunlight.
  • Facepack Features Named Programs and Stations • Cycle and Soak • Pause/Resume • Flow Learning Mode By Station • Day of Week/Interval 1–31 Days/Odd or Even Schedule (by program) • Non-Water Windows • Non-Water Days • Delay Between Stations (by program) • Sensor Shutdown by Program • Programmable Contact Information • Easy Retrieve Save and Restore
  • USB 2.0 Input Flash updates to the latest version of ACC, with free downloads from Keep your ACC current with the latest features from Hunter. Also permits local programming of controller settings from laptop PC with IMMS software.
  • Transformer 120/230 VAC transformer with global approvals, built-in surge protection, and enough power to run up to 6 programs at once.
  • Multiple Sensor Capability Accommodates devices for weather and flow to provide automatic system shutoff in abnormal conditions, and water-saving adjustment for local ET.
  • Copper-clad Earth Ground Lug Heavy duty connection for earth grounding of controller system. Advanced PTC surge protection throughout the controller relies on this industrial-strength connection.
  • ADM99 Heavy-duty decoder output module controls up to 99 decoder stations and 2 pump/master valve outputs.
  • Hunter ICD Decoders 1-, 2-, 4-, and 6-station waterproof modules with two-way communication and integrated surge protection.
  • ICD-HP Wireless Decoder Programmer Program, test, and diagnose decoders without disconnecting any wires. The ICD-HP uses wireless induction to program and communicate with new or installed decoders, right through the decoder body. Never waste another waterproof connector.