Bio Pro - H30 Granular - 40 LB BAG

Bio Pro - H30 Granular - 40 LB BAG
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Bio Pro - H30 Granular - 40 LB BAG

SKU: H30-50
  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 50
  • Minimizes localized dry spots
  • Increases watering efficiency
  • Delays wilt and extends retail shelf life
  • Increases seed germination
  • Improves sod establishment
  • Improves transplant survival for trees, shrubs and bedding plants

H3O Plus Granular OC takes the drought fighting power of H3O Plus to an entirely new level of ease and flexibility by incorporating the liquid technology into a rapidly releasing, free-flowing, organic compost granular carrier that can be broadcast by using any standard spreader equipment.

For use on all types of plants: Turf, trees, flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetable gardens and agricultural crops, etc. - field grown and containerized.

  • H3O Plus will help plants survive periods of low moisture by capturing and converting free water molecules into micro-droplets of water and making them available to plant roots. Application prior to plant stress is recommended for optimum plant protection; however, H3O Plus can be used anytime during the plant's' life cycle. Applications performed at the time of planting, seeding, sodding or transplanting will also improve plant establishment.

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