BASF - Sultan Miticide - PT
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BASF - Sultan Miticide - PT

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  • Fast knockdown - typically within 3 HRS of contact
  • Controls mite populations for up to 28 days
  • Unique mode of action increases rotation options
  • Compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs using beneficial insects and predatory mites
  • May be used in interiorscapes and outdoor landscape settings
  • Previous Part Number: 59014112
  • This product is part of the BASF Lawn Care 2023 Early Order Program. Offers valid October 1 - December 2, 2021.
  • This product is part of the BASF Golf 2023 Early Order Program. Offers valid October 1 - December 2, 2022.

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Sultan Miticide Gives You Rapid and Effective Control of Mite Pests at Every Life Stage

Growers no longer need to stress about balancing the control of mite pests and protecting their plants. Sultan Miticide offers unmatched control, regardless of mite life stage, while having no adverse effects or toxicity to beneficial insects.

Treat Your Lawns with the Best in Both Knockdown and Residual Control

Sultan miticide is for the grower who wants fast, powerful control and lasting protection against all life stages of spider mites in greenhouse and nursery crops. Sultan miticide, a suspension concentrate, is a selective contact miticide to control a variety of mite pests on ornamental plants. When used as directed on the Sultan label, this product is effective against mites, providing knockdown and residual control.

  • As a fast-acting contact miticide, Sultan gives growers the stopping power to immediately control the infestation.
  • Get confident crop protection with efficacy against all life stages of Tetranychid mites: mites’ eggs, immatures, and adults
  • Rapid, targeted knock down and long residual activity
  • Because Sultan has not shown any adverse effects on beneficial insects or predaceous mites, it helps growers build and sustain the effectiveness of their integrated pest management IPM programs.
  • Excellent plant safety with no observed phytotoxicity in ornamental species

Active Ingredient:


For Use On

  • Greenhouses
  • Lathhouses and shadehouses
  • Interiorscapes
  • Commercial and retail nurseries (field or container)
  • Commercial, public, and recreational gardens
  • Landscape ornamentals
  • Commercial and residential landscape maintenance areas
  • Tree and conifer nurseries or plantations

Sultan may be applied to bearing citrus trees, nut trees, and grape vines in commercial and residential landscapes; fruit from these trees and vines cannot be harvested with intent to sell.

See Sultan miticide label for complete list.


  • Two-spotted spider mite
  • Glover mite
  • Pacific spider mite
  • Carmine mite
  • Citrus red mite
  • Spruce spider mite

See Sultan label for complete list

Knockdown and Residual Activity
Sultan miticide provides rapid knockdown of targeted mite pests through contact activity, typically observed within 3 hours of application. For optimal activity, Sultan miticide will be recommended for applications made at economic pest infestation thresholds.

When properly applied, Sultan miticide has been observed to control mite populations for up to 28 days after application. Once dried on the foliage, the product is rainfast, with no significant reduction in efficacy due to subsequent rainfall or dew. However, application of the product is not recommended when heavy rainfall is expected within one hour of application.

Combat Cross Resistance
Tests have shown that Sultan miticide is also highly effective against mites that show resistance with other commercial acaricides. Because of its unique mode of action, Cyflumetofen can be an important insecticide resistance management tool when used according to good agricultural practices and when local resistance management recommendations are followed.

13.7 OZ/100 GAL of water/ACRE with two applications of Sultan miticide per crop per year.
For Sultan to be most effective, apply it at the first sign of mites and before the build-up of heavy pressure.

See Sultan miticide label for complete application instructions. BASF recommends following good application techniques to maximize the product activity.


Do not make sequential applications of Sultan miticide on intervals shorter than 14 days.
Do not make more than one application before rotating to a product of a different mode of action group.
Do not make more than two applications per crop per year; do not exceed 27.4 OZ per crop per year.
Do not combine in tank with carbamates, organophosphates, pyrethroids, insect growth regulators, or plant growth regulators.
Do not apply to vegetable transplants.
Do not apply to plants exhibiting symptoms of stress or injury, such as stunting, wilting, leaf burn or drop, or abnormal growth.
See label for complete restrictions.

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