Toro Golf - 4" Golf Spray Head With COM
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Toro Golf - 4" Golf Spray Head With COM

SKU: 590GF-4

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 25
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A 4" golf spray head with COM to manage the flow of water through a system from Toro.

  • X-Flow shutoff device minimizes water damage from broken risers or nozzles
  • Several body sizes to satisfy varying installation requirements (4, 6, 12)
  • 115 different 570Z family of nozzles provide tremendous versatility
  • Ratcheting riser feature for easy and reliable arc adjustment (pop-up models)
  • 2 GPM Flush Rate
  • Pop-up and retraction flushing clears debris for reliable pop-down
  • Small, 2 (50mm) diameter cap is less visible, reducing damage from exposure or vandals
  • Check valve prevents low-head drainage and keeps laterals charged with water
  • Stainless steel retraction spring
  • Effluent water caps available
  • All bodies shipped with a flush plug in place for ease of flushing and riser pull up