Precision Labs - New Balance pH Acidifier Surfactant - 1 GAL BTL

Precision Labs - New Balance pH Acidifier Surfactant - 1 GAL BTL
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Precision Labs - New Balance pH Acidifier Surfactant - 1 GAL BTL

SKU: 1917-01
  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 4
  • Increases the spreading and coverage of a spray solution on leaf surfaces
  • Lowers the pH of the spray water to prevent alkaline hydrolysis
  • Formulated with antifoam to prevent foaming

NEW BALANCE is a safe-to-use, citric-based pH acidifier and nonionic surfactant specifically designed to modify spray solution pH when breakdown from alkaline hydrolysis can reduce insecticide performance.

This is particularly important when organophosphate and carbamate insecticides are to be used such as guthion, parathion, malathion, carbaryl, and others.

Research indicates that water with a pH of 8.0–8.2 or higher will cause rather rapid degradation of these insecticides while in solution. Buffering effects occur while the insecticide is in the spray solution, from mixing, through storage in the tank and continues until the water has evaporated from the spray droplet lying on the leaf surface.

Active Ingredient: Alkyl polyethoxy ether, 2-hydroxy-l, Dimethylpolysiloxane antifoam

For use on:

  • For use with pesticides registered for agricultural, aquatics, forestry, industrial, municipal, non-cropland, rights-of-way and other appropriate uses.

Pests Controlled

  • None


Rate: 1 - 40 OZ NEW BALANCE/100 GAL of spray solution

In the absence of specific mixing instructions found on the pesticide label, fill the spray tank with at least 50% of the desired finished carrier volume. When premixing in a mixing vessel or inductor, fill with at least 20% of the desired finished carrier volume. While the carrier is agitating, add tank mix ingredients in the following order:
1. Compatibility agent and/or antifoam, if needed.
2. AMS, dry formulations (WP, DF, WDG, SP), and dry drift retardants.
3. Dry soluble and suspension fertilizers / micronutrients.
4. Liquid drift retardants and flowable formulations (F & FL).
5. Liquid concentrates, suspension and microencapsulated (LC, SC, ME).
6. Emulsifiable concentrates (E, EL or EC).
7. Solutions and soluble liquids (S or SL).
8. Liquid micronutrients and fertilizers.
9. Water conditioners and other adjuvants (COC, HSOC, MSO, NIS).
10. Finish filling to desired spray volume level and continue agitation.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • The addition of adjuvants to some pesticides and or fertilizers and their tank mixes may cause phytotoxicity to the foliage and/or fruit of desirable crops.
  • Before using NEW BALANCE, the applicator or crops advisor must have experience with the pesticide combination, including NEW BALANCE, or must have conducted a phytotoxicity test.
  • Check the pesticide label to determine the desired pH level. Always follow label directions. Check the pH of the spray water with a pH meter or pH paper.

See Label for complete restrictions.

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