Replacement Nozzle for the No-Spill Gas Can

Replacement Nozzle for the No-Spill Gas Can
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Replacement Nozzle for the No-Spill Gas Can

SKU: 127-3205
  • Replacement nozzle for the No-Spill® fuel cans
  • Features a simple push button pour control that makes it fast and easy to fill your gas tank without spilling
  • Hold button for smooth, uninterrupted fuel flow, to stop pouring simply release the button
  • When the tank you're filling is full, the flow will automatically stop so no more overfilling

The Button makes it Easy
Simply press the button to pour. It's intuitive. This is the easiest gas can to use on the market - it's not even close. A gas can should be easy to use.

Don't overfill with Auto Stop
Nozzle automatically stops the fuel flow when the target tank is full. Just hold the button down. Simple.

Don't wait so long
Patented nozzles flow up to twice as fast as other nozzles. No gurgling or interrupted flow. When filling up large equipment how long do you want to hold a 40 lb. 5 gallon tank?

Don't push around your equipment
Lets you pour gas without touching the target tank. All other current nozzles require pushing against the tank to open their valve. This force can move or roll your equipment. Not good. Remember our valve is controlled by a button.