Nufarm - Anuew Plant Growth Regulator - 1.5 LB Resealable Pouch

Nufarm - Anuew Plant Growth Regulator - 1.5 LB Resealable Pouch
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Nufarm - Anuew Plant Growth Regulator - 1.5 LB Resealable Pouch

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  • Reduces turf growth and mowing frequency
  • Reduces amount of clippings
  • Improves turf quality, density and appearance
  • Longer plant activity supports consistent growth management
  • Does not require iron or masking agents
  • Rainfast within 1-4 hours

For Managing Growth, Improving Quality and Appearance of Turfgrass.
Introducing Anuew™, a proprietary tool for cool- and warm-season turf management. Anuew contains prohexadione calcium, a new active ingredient with a novel mode of action that can be applied to all managed turf areas including golf greens, tees, fairways and rough, residential and commercial lawns, sod farms, sport fields and similar areas.

Active Ingredient: prohexadione calcium

For use on:

  • Golf course turf
  • Parks and cemeteries
  • Residential and commercial lawns
  • Sod farms
  • Sports fields

Weeds Controlled

  • None


Directions for use:
See the product label for application rate tables for product use and rates which can be used for growth management and turfgrass color and quality enhancement.

Anuew performance can be affected by many factors, including environmental conditions, turf vigor and growth stage, soil moisture, fertility levels and other cultural practices that affect plant growth.

Apply Anuew in a sufficient volume of water to provide uniform and complete wetting of the turfgrass foliage. 0.5 to 5 GAL water/1000 SQ FT. is recommended. Use of a nonionic surfactant in the spray mixture may improve coverage of the turf foliage and product performance consistency. Follow the manufacturer's label rate recommendation.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Do not use on food crops
  • Do not apply through any irrigation/chemigation system
  • Do not apply more than 26 OZ/1000 SQ FT per year
  • Under certain environmental conditions and growth stage conditions on annual bluerass, a transient foliar chlorosis or bronzing my be observed. For optimal results apply to healthy actively growing turfgrass.
  • May be used on sodded or sprigged turf after it has knitted down and rooted firmly
  • Do not graze treated areas or feed clippings to livestock
  • Do not apply to grasss grown for seed

See Label for complete restrictions.

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