• Spunbound non-woven fabric
  • Made from continuous monofilaments of medium thickness and the fibers are bound at every cross-over point
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For the serious contractor and landscape companies, we are here to support your every need by helping you understand the four main requirements in having effective weed control:

  • Block light - Weeds and grasses grow towards the light. Our product blocks the light so weeds cannot germinate beneath. Weeds do not force their way through the barrier. The proper Spunbond Fabric almost totally eliminates this as they have microscopic openings.
  • Allow moisture & nutrients to pass freely into the soil - Most professionals now understand the ill effects of using a non-porous membrane. Not only is it bad for the planting area, but also allows runoff of the aggregate on top of it.
  • Provide for the escape of CO2 – If the fabric does not breathe properly, a toxic build up in soil can make for a sour and sterile soil.
  • Withstand installation stress - The fabric should be strong enough to withstand the vigorous stresses of application, but any added strength typically means a reduction in air and water flow and “paying extra” for something that you do not need.

Only Master Gardner offers this kind of versatility for our contractor’s because we do not just market a product, we manufacture the products we sell. Master Gardner is committed to providing only the highest quality fabrics and accessories.

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