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Make Light Work of Outdoor Light Installation with Landscape Lighting Mounts, Risers, and Stakes

Creating a beautiful outdoor setting for residential and commercial projects is made easy with accessories like landscape lighting mounts, risers, and stakes. The right stakes and mounting options help outdoor lights shine to their fullest potential.

Utilizing light mounting stakes, landscape lighting risers, and outdoor lighting mounts not only achieve a cohesive, attractive look between fixtures around the yard, but they also allow lights to properly illuminate high traffic areas and work to ensure the safety of others.

Reinders carries a wide variety of lighting accessories to get the job done right.

Secure Fixtures in Place with the Right Outdoor Lighting Mounts, Light Mounting Stakes, and Landscape Lighting Risers

There are many aspects involved in creating a seamless landscape lighting fixture. The transformer, cables, bulbs, fixtures, stakes, mounts, and risers all play a contributing role in your landscape lighting’s success.

Using the proper accessories like landscape lighting mounts, risers, and stakes ensures that all of your fixtures stay secure and in place, whether in the ground or installed from higher angles.

When correctly installed, lighting accessories help outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate different areas of the yard or landscaping successfully. Because there are different fixture types and installation areas, be sure you have the exact mounts, risers, and stakes you need by shopping at

The Best Landscape Lighting Mounts, Risers, and Stakes

Risers and StakesRisers and Stakes

Landscape Lighting Risers

Risers add height to your existing landscaping lighting fixtures or to newer add-ons in the yard. Landscape lighting risers attach right to the base of the fixture so you can ensure your lights shine above bushes, shrubs, or any dense foliage. Utilizing risers is a simple, cost-effective way to transform your old landscape lighting with a new, modern appearance.

Brands like CastFX Luminaire, and Kichler carry a wide selection of risers in different heights, material types and color finishes so you can achieve beautiful illumination with the exact riser you’re looking for.

Light Mounting Stakes

Light stakes stabilize most ground level lighting fixtures, like flood lights, uplights, or path lights. They’re commonly driven into the ground to hold the fixture vertical and in place. Light mounting stakes come in a variety of material types, including but not limited to aluminum, eurometal, and PVC. With the right light mounting stakes, you can ensure that the light beam is shining directly where you want it with a snug fit into the ground.

Shop brands like CastFX LuminaireKichler, and WAC Lighting for reliable, durable stakes that are easy to install and sure to stay in place.

Wall and Ground MountsWall and Ground Mounts

Ground Lighting Mounts

Ground mounts are excellent for mounting light fixtures in the ground to keep them vertical and prevent them from touching the ground.  Mounting stakes may not provide enough support, which is where ground mounts come into play for durable, reliable functionality. Consider the soil type and environment to choose the right ground mount for the job.

CastFX Luminaire, and Kichler are industry-trusted brands that provide a selection of ground mounts to keep your lighting fixtures in place. You can also shop unique products like tree mounts  and gutter mounts to ensure ultimate lighting success in any area of the landscape. is your one-stop-shop for all lighting system necessities, like landscape lighting mounts, risers, and stakes. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the right products to achieve beautiful, functional lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Wall Mounts

Make light work of hardscapes by using outdoor lighting wall mounts. Lighting hardscapes elements adds dimension to an outdoor space and also adds a level of safety so that passersby can walk safely without worry about running into obstructions. Wall mounts make it incredibly easy to mount fixtures to walls, vegetable boxes, and other hard surfaces to create an even spread with minimal glare.

FX Luminaire and Kichler have the perfect selection of wall mounts in different material types and color finishes so you can create an attractive, effective hardscape lighting design.

Contact us today for lighting mount recommendations, riser and stake installation tips, and fixture troubleshooting.

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