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Irrigation Pump Strainer- Protect Your Irrigation System and Pump from Debris

The irrigation systems you install and maintain need to be working in peak condition, with no surprise issues, at all times. Any problems that pop up unexpectedly will likely cost both you and your clients time and money. One important way to cut off issues before they start is by ensuring your system has the right primary filtration. A self-cleaning pump screen filter attached to the end of the pump suction line is the first opportunity to keep large debris out of the pump and irrigation system. When you shop these top-quality irrigation pump strainer and filter options, prevent sticks, leaves, fish, and more surprises from affecting your system.

Irrigation Intake Strainer and Irrigation Pump Filter Options You Can Depend On

Reinders wants to help you find the right irrigation pump filter for your irrigation system needs. Whatever your water source may be, you need to know the filter you’ve installed is up for the challenge and ready to protect your pump.

Big Foot - 80-G Strainer 

Big Foot Filters are designed to be used as an initial filter on the suction side of a pump using surface water sources. The 80G can handle an impressive amount of water as it’s rated at 80 gallons per minute and is made of heavy-duty PVC plastic. Extra-large intake areas will require little to no service during the pumping season and give many years of trouble-free service, even under the most severe conditions. The area between the two screens can be ordered filled with bulk-filter matting, produced from the finest raw materials, and certified fish-safe by an independent bio-assay lab using standard EPA test protocols. The filtering media will effectively keep algae and other forms of marine life out of the pumping system. In addition, the extra-large inlet area reduces entrance velocities to the point that foreign matter is not picked up by the suction, and the large filtering area can retain a substantial amount of foreign matter before it needs service.

Northern Metal - Kleen-Flo Intake Screen 

Kleen-Flo is a practical approach to filtering or screening water taken from lakes, streams, reservoirs, or similar sources. The Kleen-Flo intake screen filters nearly all dirt and foreign matter. The system consists of a cylindrical metal cage with a vinyl coating, a heavy-duty slip-over fiberglass screen, and a threaded pipe fitting at one end that is adaptable to any intake tap or line up to 1-1/2” in diameter. The system as a whole is immune to rot and mildew with protection from corrosion, highly resistant to puncture, and readily cleaned by water spray or brushing. Kleen-Flo is great for cottages, farms, irrigation systems, stock-watering pumps, lawn-sprinkling installations, reserve ponds & wells, camps, and resorts!

Sure Flo Fittings - 4" Intake Strainer 

Sure-Flo has been a leader in producing irrigation and suction line products for the agriculture, turf management, and water treatment industries since its founding in 1932. Their complete range of suction accessories, foot valves, strainers, and more are well trusted by industry professionals for their superb quality. With that commitment to quality in mind, Sure Flo’s Irrigation Intake Strainer is known for its dependability and durable performance. This irrigation pump suction strainer is built from strong, yet light weight epoxy coated perforated and corrosion-resistant aluminum. Along with the sturdy cast aluminum top and bottom, it features stainless steel nuts and bolts and a hole size of .075” to keep debris from clogging the enclosed pump. Also, enjoy easy installation as the Sure-Flo submersible pump strainers easily bolt on the end of a PVC (IPS) induction tube.

Whether you’re designing and installing an irrigation system from scratch or doing the ongoing work of maintaining an existing system, Reinders is stocked and ready to help supply you with everything your team needs. Reinders is proud to carry the top names in the industry to ensure that you’re getting only the best quality products. It will help you give your clients that exceptional quality that will keep your business thriving.

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