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Find the Best Sprinkler Check Valve or Irrigation Check Valve by Top Brands!

Looking for check valves or foot valves for sprinkler or irrigation system applications? We have everything you need from top brands like Sure Flo, Rain Bird and American Granby!

Browse all our options for optimizing valve pressures in water and wastewater pumping systems! Our top-rated check and foot valves for sprinkler heads offer long life and rapid closure to prevent backflow of water!

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Browse Top-Rated Irrigation Check and Foot Valves

Need a foot or check valve for water, wastewater or irrigation systems applications? Reinders has everything you need for regulating valve pressures from industry-trusted brands like Rain Bird, Sure Flo and American Granby!

Find everything from a threaded foot valve to a sprinkler head check valve to brass check valves offering the longest life and best corrosion resistance.

Check valves

One of the most essential valves in irrigation, sprinkler, water and wastewater pumping systems is the check valve. Its purpose is to automatically open while pumps are running, then return to the closed position to prevent reverse flow when the pumps are not in operation.

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, but occasionally other metals. Because of its nature as a soft metal, it is able to resist corrosion very well as opposed to plastic valves. Brass is also able to absorb and withstand more heat than plastic, offering long life and reliability.

We offer brass check valves by American Granby with the following features:

  • For use in water well systems
  • Silicon bronze cast body and poppet; silicon bronze components contain less than 0.05 percent lead
  • Buna-N O-ring, stainless steel spring, washer and lock nut
  • 400 PSI (WOG working valve pressure)
  • Made in U.S.A.

American Granby - 3/4" Brass Check Valve

American Granby - 1-1/4" Brass Check Valve

American Granby - 2" Brass Check Valve

We also offer American Granby’s 2" Bronze Check Valve With 1/8" & 1/4" Tapping. Bronze is a good choice over brass when you need more resistance to chlorine.

Foot valves

A foot valve is found at the end of a wastewater, sprinkler or irrigation pipeline in a suction lift application – the end opposite the sprinkler heads. It functions as a check valve, stopping backflow to prevent contamination. It only has one thread because it goes at the end. It also has a strainer or screen affixed to the open end.

The check valve is spring assisted. When the pump turns on, the pressure inside the pump column changes and the valve responds by opening.

Sure Flo Fittings manufactures a flapper-style valve so when the valve is open, there is very low friction loss for a wide-open, efficient valve.

If there is some drop angle to the suction line, you would use a vertical or straight valve.

Here’s what we carry:

Sure Flo Fittings - 4" Vertical Foot Valve

Sure Flo Fittings - 6" Vertical Foot Valve

Sure Flo Fittings - 4" Vertical Foot Valve Compression for OD Tubing

We also carry Rain Bird’s 4” Flange-Type Foot Valve.

45-degree foot valves

When the pump for the irrigation or sprinkler system is off, and the foot valve’s flapper is closed or seated against the valve’s seat ring, the flapper and the seat ring should be at an angle. If you're dealing with an application where the suction line is flat or horizontal (floating parallel with the surface of the water), you would use a 45-degree-angle foot valve:

Sure Flo Fittings - 3" Standard Sure-Flo Foot Valve (45 degrees)

Sure Flo Fittings - 4" 45-degree Foot Valve Compression for OD Tubing

Brass foot valves

The main benefit of brass foot valves over bronze is the much lower levels of lead present in the metal. This makes brass safe for drinking water in most cases.

We offer the following brass foot valves for sprinkler system or irrigation pumps by American Granby:

  • Silicon bronze cast body and poppet
  • Stainless steel perforated screen
  • 400 PSI working valve pressure
  • Made in U.S.A.

American Granby - 1-1/2" Brass Foot Valve

American Granby - 2" Brass Foot Valve

We also offer Munro’s 2" PVC Threaded Foot Valve. Ideal for quick pump priming, Munro foot valves offer rapid closure to prevent back flow of water. While cast iron foot valves can rust, introducing contaminants, our high quality, non-corrosive PVC foot valve includes stainless steel internal parts for long life and low maintenance.

  • All parts are easily replaceable
  • Stainless steel components: assembly bolts, springs
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) gasket

Foot valve parts

The following Sure Flo flapper valve assemblies include:

  • gasket
  • weight
  • cover
  • bolt

Sure Flo Fittings - 3" Valve Flapper-Gasket Assembly (Foot Valve)

Sure Flo Fittings - 4" Valve Flapper-Gasket Assembly (Foot Valve)

Sure Flo Fittings - 6" Valve Flapper-Gasket Assembly (Foot Valve)

Sure Flo Fittings - Screen Bolt For 6" Foot Valve-Stainless Steel

Sure Flo Fittings - Stainless Bolts For Jumbo Foot Valve

Sure Flo Fittings - Bottom Disk For Jumbo Foot Valve

It’s easy to find what you need at, with its extensive inventory of check and foot valve designs and other reliable, competitively priced products for sprinkler, irrigation and wastewater systems applications. Can’t find what you need? Just contact us!

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About our brands

American Granby was established in 1962 to serve the distribution needs of the wholesale pump & well, pool & spa, turf irrigation and plumbing & heating system markets.

Today, with more than 15,000 items stocked in their state-of-the-art warehouse from over 200 manufacturers and suppliers, American Granby provides crucial buying and financial benefits to wholesale distributors throughout the US, Canada, and around the world, especially in today's economic environment.

Sure-Flo has been a leader in the production of irrigation and suction line products for the agriculture, turf management and water treatment industries. Sure-Flo foot valves have set the standard for over 80 years. We also offer a complete range of suction accessories, including couplers, elbows, flanges, plugs and adapters.

Rain Bird Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services headquartered in Azusa, California. The privately held company was founded in 1933 during California's agricultural boom.

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