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Find the Right Sprinkler Head for Your Toro Golf Sprinkler System with Reinders

Nobody beats Toro irrigation products, especially when it comes to golf sprinklers. And nobody beats Reinders, especially when it comes to helping you save more money!

Explore our wide selection of sprinkler head and body assemblies by Toro Golf for less. We carry everything you need for the world’s top-rated golf sprinkler and irrigation systems, especially the super-popular Toro Golf Flex800™ and Infinity® sprinkler systems for golf courses.

How does Reinders help with saving money? Well, you get an extra 1 percent off each order when you sign up for your Pro Login account today! And while you’re watching the savings add up, just remember – when you choose Toro Golf and other trusted brands for commercial irrigation and landscaping, you get the support of your local Reinders distributor, who’s invested in your success!

Find the Best Head and Body Assemblies for Toro Golf Sprinkler Systems

Looking for a Toro Golf sprinkler head and body assembly with innovative, flexible features that save on money, water, power and frustration? You’ve come to the right place!

Reinders offers all the head and body assemblies for the top-rated lines of sprinklers by Toro Golf, including the Flex800™, Flex800B™ and Infinity® series. These versatile, high-performance sprinkler systems not only offer the widest selection of nozzles for spray radius distance. They also feature unrivaled innovations like a 24-position Trujectory adjustment, wind-fighting dual trajectory nozzles and spike-guard solenoids that consume less power.

Need more information on the features and benefits of these best-in-class sprinkler products designed specifically by Toro for golf course irrigation contractors? Check out this handy guide!

Toro Golf Flex800™ B sprinklers

The Toro FLEX800™ B series of golf irrigation products you all the great features and performance of the FLEX800 35-6, 34 and 35 Series sprinklers in a more economical body package specifically designed for golf course block systems.

Flex800™ B features include:

  • Largest nozzle selection in the industry – from a 25- to 95-foot radius – plus plenty of inner and intermediate nozzles for ultimate flexibility and precision. All nozzles are color-coded, debris tolerant and front-threaded.
  • True part and full-circle in one - (40° - 330° part circle).
  • Rugged golf body design and check valve.
  • Flanged cap installs below grade - stabilizes the body and optimizes nozzle performance.
  • Small exposed diameter - perfect for high-traffic areas.

Reinders offers several Flex800™ B series conversion assemblies with either the 31-34 or 35-38 nozzle, some with NPT fittings like the Toro Golf - Flex800B Series Conversion Assembly - 1" NPT Full/Part Circle TruJectory Check-O-Matic With Small Nozzle Set. Others have ACME threads, like the Toro Golf - Flex800B Series Conversion Assembly - 1" ACME Full/Part Circle TruJectory Check-O-Matic With Small Nozzle Set.

In addition to the full/part circle options, this series also offers full-circle models like the Toro Golf - Flex800B Series Conversion Assembly - 1" NPT Full Circle Check-O-Matic With Large Nozzle Set.

Toro Golf Infinity® sprinklers

The Toro Golf Infinity® Series sprinklers with Smart Access™ design allow you to extend and enhance this revolutionary golf course irrigation product line. What a money saver — you can keep adding new technology for decades to come – using only a screwdriver!

This line, which offers radius distances from 38 to 96 feet, drastically reduces time spent on sprinkler service and maintenance with a design that eliminates the need to get in the ground Toro’s patented Check Flow™ feature facilitates troubleshooting, pressure adjustments, solenoid and pilot valve servicing without turning the water off or digging!

Best of all, you won’t need to invest in new sprinklers or irrigation as technology advances, whether you choose a Toro satellite or two-wire control system. Toro’s Golf Infinity® sprinkler heads are completely backward- and forward-compatible. You can even use risers from existing Toro 800S Series and DT Series sprinklers.

Shopping by inlet size? Our head/body assemblies for the Toro Golf Infinity® line includes 1-inch inlets and 1 ½-inch inlets.

Need a Toro Golf Infinity® sprinkler head/body assembly that allows for flow control? Try the Toro Golf – Infinity 54 Series Sprinklers – 1 ½ ACME body assembly, full circle, #58 Nozzle, 80 PSI with SpikeGuard Solenoid.

We also offer Toro Golf sprinkler spray heads for managing the flow of water through golf course irrigation systems from Toro. Available in 12-, 6- or 4-inch heights, they feature an X-Flow shutoff device minimizing water damage from broken risers or nozzles, can accommodate 115 different 570Z nozzles and provide a ratching riser for easy and reliable adjustment of pop-up models. A 2 GPM flush rate clears debris for reliable pop-down, the check valve prevents low-head drainage and keeps laterals charged with water and the small cap is less visible, reducing damage from exposure or vandals.

Can’t find the right Toro Golf sprinkler head/body assemblies? Just contact us! You can also visit your local Reinders store for fast, friendly customer service!


Toro Golf Flex800™ sprinklers

Toro Golf’s Flex800™ 54 Series, with its dual trajectory main nozzle, offers superior sprinkler head performance at the standard, 25-degree-angle position and when it’s windy at the low, 15-degree-angle position. Offering the widest selection of front-threaded nozzles- from a 52- to 99-inch radius, plus many different back nozzles – this series allows for ultimate precision in putting water where you need it.

The spike-guard solenoid, meanwhile, has a lightning rating of 20,000 and draws half the amperage of traditional solenoids. That means more money savings from Toro Golf, since you can run twice as many sprinklers simultaneously, reduce the cost of wire during initial installation or increase the distance from controller to sprinkler.

Other features of Toro’s Flex800™ 54 golf course irrigation systems:

  • Full-circle drive with constant velocity, ensuring consistent rotation speeds when matched with station run times for uniform application.
  • Optional radius reduction screw; together with nozzle sizing and trajectory adjusting, can reduce sprinkler throw down to 30 feet.
  • Indestructible stainless steel valve seat, molded to the sprinkler body, eliminating body replacements due to seat damage.

We also offer Toro Golf Flex800™ 34/54, 35-6/55-6 series sprinkler head and body assemblies with different spray radius distances (indicated by the different-colored nozzles). Some offer a 1-inch inlet, like the Toro Golf - Flex800 Series Sprinkler - 1" ACME Body Assembly, #33 Brown Nozzle With Spikeguard Solenoid. Others have a 1½-inch inlet, like the Toro Golf - Flex800™ Series Sprinkler - 1-1/2" ACME Body Assembly, #53 Brown Nozzle 65 PSI With Spikeguard Solenoid.

Some of Toro Golf’s sprinkler system heads also offer money-saving flow rate control, like the Toro Golf - Flex800 Series Sprinkler - 1" ACME Body Assembly, #34 Orange Nozzle 80 PSI With Spikeguard Solenoid.

We also carry sprinkler head and body products for Toro’s Flex800™ 35-6 golf course irrigation system series, the features of which include:

  • Eight nozzle variations (30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37)
  • Four in-line nozzles with a rotating stream pattern
  • One back nozzle position
  • Three stator variations
  • Ratcheting riser
  • Nozzle base clutching

The Flex800™ 55-6 series by Toro Golf, which we also carry sprinkler head and body assemblies for, offers these features:

  • Part/full circle drive, allowing you to simply and economically adjust the area of coverage. This allows you to match your system to your seasonal irrigation needs or meet water rationing mandates in seconds with no disassembly or additional parts required. Just pull up the riser and ratchet it to the precise position you want.
  • A wide selection of nozzles also allows for a 42- to 100-foot radius.
  • 24-position Trujectory adjustment, from 7 to 30 degrees in 1-degree increments.
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