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Get A Toro 220 Sprinkler Valve, Toro P220G Sprinkler Valve or Toro Sprinkler Valve Parts

If you need a Toro 220 or P-220G series sprinkler valve or valve part, you’ve come to the right place! Reinders offers Toro Golf’s 220 PSI sprinkler valve series with flow control in cost-efficient plastic or – if you need more strength, corrosion resistance and underground longevity – brass.

Save on Toro’s Brass or Plastic 220 or P-220G Sprinkler Valves and Valve Parts

When it comes to valves with flow control for commercial sprinkler systems, it doesn’t get any better than Toro Golf’s P-220G series.

Toro’s brass and plastic 220 Series sprinkler valves both feature the EZReg® Pressure Regulating System, an option offering precise control of water pressure and flow anywhere from between 5 and 100 PSI to deliver the optimum pressure for every need. This dial design technology can be installed at the factory or field, with no need to remove the solenoid.

The plastic and brass 220G models also both operate at water pressures up to 220 psi.

Why plastic and brass models in this series? Let’s take a quick look:

Plastic vs. brass sprinkler valves

Many commercial turf and irrigation professionals prefer injection-molded plastic sprinkler valves because they cost less than those with machined metal parts. Plastic valves also weigh less and are perfectly matched to the performance requirements of a typical drip control zone in terms of flow rate, pressure and environmental conditions.

But brass is the clear winner for applications in more extreme conditions over the long haul. Brass has a higher tensile strength and more elasticity than plastic, which makes it more resistant to bursting. Brass is also more resistant to chemicals typically found in irrigation water and therefore less susceptible to failure due to cracking.

Another advantage of brass sprinkler valves is that they can be used above and below ground, whereas plastic degrades over time in extreme underground environments and in direct sunlight.

Features and benefits of both the plastic and brass P-220G sprinkler valves by Toro include:

  • Spike Guard™ Solenoid. Its 20,000-volt lightning rating virtually eliminates the need for solenoid replacements in high-lightning environments. That’s three times the lightning protection of the closest competing product. And with half the amperage draw of traditional solenoids, you can run twice as many sprinklers simultaneously, reduce the cost of wiring during initial installation or increase the distance from controller to sprinkler.
  • Internal Manual Bleed. Ensures optimum pressure of the system, even when being operated manually.
  • High pressure rating – up to 200 psi.
  • Double-beaded, fabric reinforced diaphragm. Provides superior performance and extended life without tearing in high-pressure golf applications.

Other noteworthy features:

  • No external tubing:
  • Standard, built-in Schrader-type valve for downstream pressure verification – keeps valve box dry and allows pressure regulation to be set manually
  • Control of flow independent of solenoid
  • Self-aligning bonnet to ensure correct installation
  • Self-cleaning, stainless steel metering rod
  • Low-flow capability down to 5 GPM
  • Low power requirement for longer wire runs

We don’t just offer Toro sprinkler valve bodies, though. Need a Toro sprinkler valve part? We offer the following:

Toro Golf - 1" Electric Valve-In-Head Assembly

Toro Golf - 1" Electric Valve Assembly

Toro - Electric Valve Assembly for 1-1/2" Sprinkler Body

Need to repair a Toro Golf 220 Series sprinkler valve body? We also carry Toro's 1.5" Quick Coupler Valve Body Repair Kit.

Toro's P-220G plastic sprinkler valves

The P220G by Toro Golf provides a full family of plastic valves for sprinkler systems that can meet the challenging needs of today’s courses. With precise pressure regulation, these valves control water pressure and flow for every sprinkler in the zone, ensuring maximum uniformity of water application. The plastic valves’ durable glass-filled nylon can also handle high water pressures, up to 220 psi, just as the brass valves can.

Our Toro P-220G plastic sprinkler valve products include:

Toro Golf P220G - 2" Plastic Valve    

Toro Golf P220G - 1.5" Plastic Valve    

Toro Golf P220G - 1" Plastic Valve

Toro Golf P220G - 1" Plastic Valve with DC Latching Solenoid

Toro’s P-220G brass sprinkler valves

The Toro Golf P-220G brass sprinkler valve products are constructed of ingot brass and stainless steel. In addition to all the features offered by the plastic P-220G, the brass valves also offer superior dirty water resistance with a 120-mesh, stainless steel filter screen constantly flushed by the flow. This enables the use of very dirty water without clogging and valve closure failure.

Our Toro Golf P-220G brass sprinkler valve models include:

P220G Toro 2" Brass Valve - flow control range of 30 to 180 GPM

P220G Toro 1 1/2" Brass Valve - flow control range of 20 to 130 GPM

P220G Toro 1 1/4" Brass Valve - flow control range of 20 to 100 GPM

P220G Toro 1" Brass Valve - flow control range of 5 to 40 GPM  

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