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Find the Right Toro Golf Irrigation Repair Tool or Toro Sprinkler Tools

Need the most reliable tools for your Toro or Toro Golf irrigation system?  We’re proud to offer the industry’s best when it comes to sprinkler repairs, replacements and adjustments. Whether you’re looking for a new spray head arc adjuster, a valve adjustment tool or a riser extractor, Reinders has the irrigation tools your team can depend on!

Say hello to easier sprinkler system management and fixes on the golf course, playing field or other commercial turf grass application with our premium tools designed specifically for Toro or Toro Golf sprinkler models.

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Explore Our Premium Sprinkler or Irrigation System Tools by Toro Golf

When you need to keep golf course or athletic field sprinklers running smoothly with minimum hassle, there’s only one name to turn to – Toro Golf.

The Toro Company, with its irrigation business based in California, has a long history of helping reduce water use and maintain optimal playing conditions. And Toro Golf – their industry-leading line of irrigation and sprinkler products for such applications – delivers the ultimate in flexibility, durability and efficiency.

This line has become an all-time favorite for its ultimate irrigation precision, offering the uniformity and control you need in such demanding turfgrass applications. Of course, any irrigation system is only as good as the quality of its tools. So why use a screwdriver when our top-rated irrigation tools are specifically designed for Toro and Toro Golf sprinkler models? Save yourself time, effort – and screwdrivers!

Find everything from arc adjustment tools to riser extractors to multipurpose tools. Besides, when you choose Toro, you get more than just golf equipment and irrigation products. You also get the support of a local distributor like Reinders who’s invested in your success.

We also carry cutting tools to speed up irrigation repairs, like Underhill sprinkler trimmer cutting blades and a King Innovation wire cutter/stripper with a handle lock.

Here’s a roundup of our must-have favorites.

Toro Golf – Selector Tool

This plastic irrigation selector tool with a flag key is compatible with the 720, 834, 835, 854, 855, 860, 880, 730, 760, 650, 750, 780, 670, 690, and D-Series Sprinklers from Toro. Made for Toro valve-in head sprinklers, this handy key allows you to manually turn the sprinkler on, turn/leave it off or place it into the “auto” position awaiting a command from a controller.

Looking for a metal selector key for Toro Golf sprinklers? We recommend the Underhill 15” EasyReach key for Toro Golf Sprinklers. It also turns electric valve-in-heads on and off, removes internal snap rings and performs many other sprinkler maintenance chores.

Toro Golf - Riser Hold-Up Tool

Sprinkler risers are an important component of sprinkler or irrigation management systems. These sections connect the water supply to the sprinkler head from the network of underground PVC pipes. But the riser does much more than attach the sprinkler. For one, it’s often used to keep a sprinkler from sinking. It must also hold the sprinkler in the correct position and allow you to adjust the sprinkler location for more efficient watering.

Compatible with all 700 series sprinklers from Toro, this easy-to-use tool simplifies and speeds up irrigation repairs on pop-up lawn sprinklers. Use it to pull up and then hold the sprinkler stem in place, preventing retraction while you replace spray heads or do other irrigation maintenance.

We also offer the Toro Golf Universal Riser Hold-Up Tool for all the 700, 800S, DT, Infinity and Flex800 sprinklers from Toro.

Toro Golf – 1 ½” Valve Insertion Tool

This handy tool, compatible with the Infinity 50 model of Toro sprinklers, allows you to insert and align the valve into the sprinkler body. Just load on the snap ring, then the valve assembly. Then align the tool notch with grooves in the sprinkler body. Insert the tool straight down in the sprinkler and the snap ring will lock into the groove when properly installed.

We also offer the Toro Golf 1” Valve Insertion Tool, which is compatible with the Infinity 30 model of Toro sprinklers, the valve insertion tool for the 690 series of Toro sprinklers, the valve insertion tool for 1" Toro Golf sprinklers and the valve insertion tool for 1 ½" Toro Golf sprinklers.

Toro Golf - Multi-Purpose Tool

This indispensable, multi-purpose irrigation tool is compatible with every sprinkler series made by Toro. Use it as a riser pull-up for the Infinity, Flex800, DT and 800S series or for removing riser screens or upper snap rings on all models.

Toro Golf – Snap Ring Pliers

These snap ring pliers, which come with a screen remover, are compatible with the 640, 720, 834, 835, 854, 855, 860, 880, 730, 760, 650, 750, 780, 670, 690, and D-Series sprinklers from Toro. They also allow for valve removal on all models and rock screen removal on all Infinity, Flex800, DT and 800S Series Toro sprinklers.

Toro Golf – Arc Adjustment Tool

This 3/32” Allen wrench allows for the arc adjustment of the part circle drives on the 765, 785, 865S and 885S Toro sprinkler models, as well as the Infinity, DT and Flex800 Toro sprinkle series.

Toro Golf – Nut Drivers

If you’re looking for a nut driver for the inner and immediate nozzles on the 834, 854, 860, 880, 760, 650, 780, and D-Series Sprinklers, we offer this Toro Golf nut driver (part number 995-79). If you need one for the main nozzle, we offer this other Toro Golf nut driver number (995-99).

It’s easy to find exactly what you need at, with our customer support staff on hand to answer any questions or concerns. Just contact us with any questions about Toro or Toro Golf irrigation repair or sprinkler system tools!

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