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Toro Irrigation Controller Repair Parts- Keep Your Irrigation System Functioning at Peak Condition

The high-quality systems you install and maintain require nothing but the best to keep them operating at the level your clients deserve. Reinders works with Toro directly for the Board Exchange Program to better serve you and your business's needs, making controller boards ready for immediate exchange and replacement. Have confidence that both Reinders and Toro stand behind these repair parts, processed by highly skilled professional technicians and guaranteed to offer customer satisfaction, reliability, and dependability.

Many common issues, from faulty valve problems to broken sprinkler heads going unnoticed to water pressure concerns, can often be detected and handled quickly when your irrigation controller is working at peak condition. Take a look at some of the trusted Toro sprinkler repair parts we offer and the top-of-the-line irrigation system controller series they help keep running.

Service Your Toro Irrigation Controller and Take Advantage of the Board Exchange Program

Toro Golf - 2-Station AC Decoder

This AC Decoder is built to work with the GDC 2-wire system as a means to upgrade your old control system by replacing your field decoders and the central control. The Toro GDC System uses innovative technology to provide an irrigation solution to customers who want a safe, reliable, and energy-efficient system. Using a two-wire path to communicate to buried control units eliminates the costs associated with traditional valve wire bundles. It provides a solution that is vandal resistant, easy to install, and easy to expand. Available in 1-, 2-, or 4-station units

Toro Golf - Repaired Output Distribution PCB for E-Series OSMAC

This Repaired Output Distribution PCB is part of the Reinders Board Exchange Program. It functions with the E-OSMAC satellite, which is easy to install, troubleshoot, and maintain. This economical option is an excellent choice because you buy only what you need and expand as your site conditions change. They utilize paging technology to create one of the most convenient, dependable, and flexible satellites on the market. Employing wireless communication, these satellites are great for retrofit projects. E-OSMAC offers up to 64 stations in eight-station increments, and the OSMAC RDR is expandable from 16 to 48 stations..

Toro Golf - Repaired Power Distribution Board for Network VP Satellite

Take advantage of the Reinders Board Exchange Program with this Power Distribution Board, where there is a core charge that will be credited back upon return of the core. Efficiently service your Network VP Satellite to keep things functioning correctly at all times. The Network VP satellite from Toro combines modular flexibility, ease of use, and increased control in a single controller. With individual station runtimes programmed to the second and station-based flow management, the Network VP provides the most water-efficient capabilities for irrigating.

Toro Golf Irrigation products

Toro golf irrigation products cover a wide variety of innovative options that give you the ability to set up easy-to-use systems for any user. Explore all our Toro Golf Irrigation products to provide your clients with the best systems and the flexibility to make adjustments and troubleshoot in a straightforward and stress-free way.

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