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Shop Parts for Toro Golf Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

Need a Toro Golf sprinkler part for the 730/750 series, 800 series or D-series? We have all the assemblies, modules, hardware and replacement components you need!

Choose from a vast array of assembly kits – sprinkler bodies, drives, cables, risers, modules, solenoids, adaptors, stators, nozzles, valves and more!

We also offer all the electronics modules, assembly kits, hardware and little plastic pieces you could ever need to keep your irrigation system up and running! Browse O-rings, snap rings, fuses, screens, seals, caps, screws, keys, tubes, springs – no matter how small the part is, we will have it!

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Find the Best Sprinkler Parts for Toro Golf Irrigation Series 730/750 and More!

If you’re looking for parts for Toro Golf sprinklers, Reinders has what you need! We carry the widest selection of parts for the golf industry’s premier line of sprinkler systems.

But first of all, why Toro Golf?

First off, the Toro Golf line is a separate brand specifically devoted to the needs of the golf and turf care industries. From mowing to irrigation, you need special machinery that works perfectly for this specialized, demanding niche – especially in an age when saving water, power, time and money has never been more important.

Toro Golf delivers, taking the guesswork out of golf course irrigation, with the latest flexible, high-performance, water-saving sprinkler technology – and all the replacement parts! From the innovative 730/750 series to the versatile Flex800 series to the no-dig, future-compatible Infinity series, Reinders has what you need – for less!

But even more important than that - when you choose Toro Golf, you get more than just sprinklers and sprinkler parts - you get the support of your local Reinders distributor, who’s invested in your success!

There’s so many, in fact, that telling you about all of them would take 20 pages! But at least here’s a breakdown of some of the most in-demand parts, assemblies, hardware and other components we offer for the best golf sprinklers.

Drive assemblies

Toro Golf – Drive Assembly 730/750 Series. Preassembled parts for the drive assembly of Toro’s 730 and 750 series of full-circle rotary sprinklers - designed for irrigation of large turf areas such as golf courses, parks, recreational fields and school grounds.

We also offer the Toro Golf - Drive Assembly 834S/854 Series and the drive assembly kit for the 835, 855, and D-Series Sprinklers from Toro, as well as the Toro Golf - 2-Speed Drive Assembly For 690 Series and Toro Golf - Full Circle Drive Assembly For 690 Series.

Valve assemblies

Reinders offers a wide selection of parts assemblies Toro Golf Irrigation sprinkler valves, with or without solenoids. These include selectable pressure pilot valves, electric in-head valves, adjustable valves with DC latching solenoids as well as valves specifically designed for the 700 or 800S series.


We carry a dizzying array of sprinkler nozzles and nozzle assembles for Toro Golf Irrigation systems, including nozzles for the 670 series, 690 series, 730/750 series, 830S, 850S, Flex 800, INF34, 35, 35-6, 54, 55, 55-6 models, 860/880S series and D-series, as well as a wide selection of back nozzles and intermediate nozzles.

Solenoid assemblies

Need preassembled Toro Golf Irrigation parts for sprinkler solenoids, solenoid decoders and solenoid adapters? We offer the following:

Electronics modules

Need an output distribution, pump or decoder module for your Toro Golf Irrigation sprinkler? Here’s just a sampling of our wide selection:


Need a stator - that little stationary plastic part on your Toro Golf Irrigation sprinkler motor? Our choices include:

Riser assemblies

Sprinkler body assemblies

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