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Automate Your Irrigation System with Ease Thanks to Toro Golf Course Irrigation Controllers

Set the frequency of irrigation, the start time of your sprinkler system, or the duration of watering, all with the convenience of Toro Golf Course Irrigation Controllers.

With innovative technology and easy-to-use features, your golf course will look pristine without the risk of overwatering. You’ll improve your maintenance productivity while ensuring your course’s irrigation is adequately managed.

Reinders carries a wide selection of Toro satellite controllers to simplify sprinkler and irrigation systems. From automatic start and end times to weather-related adjustments, these controllers can do it all.

Toro Satellite Controllers Have User-Friendly Features That Save You Time & Water. Add a Toro satellite controller into your golf course maintenance fleet for ultimate convenience and usability.

There are plenty of innovative features among Toro’s entire range of product series that improve today’s performance and enhance the capacity of tomorrow’s future. Toro irrigation controllers have simplified power distribution with fewer cables and connectors to ensure reliability and longevity throughout the entire golf season.

Sub Benefits of Using a Toro Golf Course Irrigation Controller on Your Golf Course

Nothing beats that professional aesthetic and playability of a well-maintained golf course and turfgrass. The brilliant green color is highly desirable. Using a Toro golf course irrigation controller on your golf course helps achieve just that. Satellite controllers help ensure that your turfgrass is appropriately watered and irrigated without wasting water or energy.

Discover some of our other favorite benefits of using a Toro satellite controller on your golf course below:

  • Automatic adjustments to weather conditions
  • Hassle-free maintenance of larger landscapes
  • Cuts water use
  • Prevents overwatering by setting specific watering durations
  • Conveniently sets start times
  • Controls irrigation frequency without effort
  • Reduces hardscape losses
  • Enhances landscape health and beauty
  • Cuts down on labor

Take your golf course or landscape to the next level by installing a Toro irrigation controller for easy adjustments and plenty of savings!

Reinders makes it easy to find the right irrigation controller for your specific needs. Start by looking at Toro’s innovative series line of commercial-grade controllers: the Lynx Smart Satellites and the Osmac G3.

Toro Lynx Smart Satellites

The Toro golf course irrigation controller combines effortless usability with high-tech features. It has a faster microprocessor and increased memory for premium performance! There’s no dealing with too many cables or connectors. With simplified power distribution and vented circuit board covers, you can expect your Toro satellite controller to last for many golf seasons to come, with reliability guaranteed.

The controller features an integrated modem that improves communication signals and accurate diagnostic information. The familiar look of the satellite gets a modern upgrade with high-grade performance and communication-enhancing features.

Osmac G3

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art wireless irrigation controller, you’ve found it. The Osamc G3 is a Toro golf course irrigation controller that relies on digital signal processing technology. Improved reception capabilities mean you get enhanced performance and the most accurate digital readings.

You’ll be satisfied with the improved functionality, quick setup, manual operations, and program storage of a new user interface. It’s never been easier to irrigate and water your land!

There’s a lot more to discover on, whether you’re shopping for irrigation products in general or Toro-specific golf irrigation supplies.

Our team of Toro irrigation experts and our panel of professional vendors are here to help you create a seamless irrigation system with the best satellite controllers and parts.

For recommendations of irrigation parts, controller repair, sprinkler system tips, or to answer any other related inquires, contact us today!

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