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Golf Course Radios & Accessories – Get Clear, Dependable Communication for Smooth Operation

Maintaining golf course greens and the countless ins and outs that entails requires seamless communication amongst golf course staff. Having a top-quality irrigation system in place and accessories designed to alert to any issues is only part of the solution. Those systems aren’t helpful on their own without proper staff communications in place for follow-up and follow-through to carry out necessary repairs. Shop our selection of Kenwood walkie talkie options and Toro station decoders to ensure communication across the course continues without a hitch no matter what Mother Nature may throw your way.

Kenwood Radios for Golf Courses Will Bring Staff Communications to the Next Level. Reinders is proud to offer golf course radios and accessories designed and manufactured to stand up to the tough work of being out on the course day in and day out. These high-quality walkie talkies are built to last and withstand even the harshest conditions your golf course staff may come across. We have you covered for everything you may need with VHF and UHF radios from Kenwood.

Renowned for its technical expertise, Kenwood is a global leader in car electronics, radio communication systems, and audio equipment. See why so many professionals trust Kenwood with their communication needs and what makes their products stand apart from the competition.

Kenwood - 16 Channel, 5W

The Kenwood TK-3402 Radio delivers professional performance, enhanced features such as scan, built-in VOX, a long battery life, and a sleek design. Offering 5 watts of power and MIL-STD810 & IP54/55 weatherproofing, these portables have been expertly engineered to perform in the toughest environments.

Features include-

  • Compact Design- The rounded contours of the TK-2402/3402 provide a superbly comfortable grip, while the non-slip elastomer channel knob with improved torque characteristics and an enlarged PTT button ensure positive tactile response during operation.
  • Tough and Water-Resistant- Built to perform in the toughest environments, the TK-2402/3402 has passed the demanding IP54/55 dust and water intrusion tests – both with and without an optional speaker microphone. It also meets or exceeds 11 stringent MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G environmental standards, including “driven rain.”
  • Enhanced Audio Quality- As an experienced audio specialist, KENWOOD has drawn on decades of expertise to ensure that the sound quality of TK-2402/3402 is undeniably clearer and crisper, as well as loud – thanks to the 36mm-diameter speaker, which delivers up to 1-watt audio output.
  • Ultimate Performance-Output Power is 5W for both VHF (TK-2407) and UHF (TK-3407). Additionally, the UHF frequency coverage on the TK-3407 is 70MHz.
  • 16 Channels- The TK-2402/3402 provides ample capacity for operating with multiple channels or radio systems, as well as a Channel Stopper option to provide guidance in selecting the intended channel.
  • 2 Programmable Function Keys- Both PF Keys can be programmed for any of the many functions available, permitting customization to suit your specific requirements. Either key can also be programmed for an emergency function.
  • Lone Worker- This ingenious feature provides an extra layer of security for individuals who work in remote or hazardous areas. As long as the buttons are pressed regularly, the radio operates normally. However, if there is a long lapse (programmable), it will sound an alert. And if the user does not respond to the alert, the TK-2402/3402 will place an emergency call to a predetermined person or group.
  • Radio Stun-This function disables a lost or stolen radio over the air, eliminating security risks.
  • Independent Settings Per Channel- Radio channels can be programmed independently for VOX, scrambler, and compander functions. This means a user can switch a function on or off simply by changing channels (on the same frequency).
  • Built-In Voice Scrambler- This feature provides essential protection against casual eavesdropping. Up to 16 of 2097 possible inversion frequencies can be chosen and assigned to any channel.
  • GPS Connectivity- The KMC-48GPS Speaker Microphone provides an option for GPS tracking.
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Kenwood - UHF 250CH Radio

The Kenwood TK-3180 Radio defines a bold new standard for portable radio performance, scoring high marks for operating ease, versatility, and reliability. It’s an analog walkie-talkie option available to VHF and UHF radio users. This mid-tier unit provides enhanced features for budget-conscious volunteer public safety, government, and industrial users while being an intrinsically safe option.

General features include-

  • Wideband operation
  • 5 WATT UHF & VHF models
  • Conventional & LTR trunking models
  • Extra-large channel capacity
  • Dual priority scan
  • 12-character alphanumeric aliases
  • Dot-matrix display
  • Enhanced Kenwood audio
  • VOX ready
  • Voice inversion scrambler
  • FleetSync® / FleetSync® II
  • QT / DQT / DTMF / 2-TONE
  • MDC1200 compatible
  • VGS-1 voice guide and storage unit (option)
  • Easy option port (26-PIN)
  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F & IP54/55
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Whether you’re building an entire golf course irrigation system from scratch or maintaining a system that’s already been put in place, Reinders is ready to be your one-stop shop for all your supply needs. We pride ourselves on carrying all the top names in the industry and offering our customers exceptional customer service. We know you’ll be satisfied with every purchase you make with us! Unsure of where to begin or need assistance with any part of your planning? Our team of experts is trained and ready to assist. Allow us to save you and your clients time and money and help you provide the best finished products possible to keep your business thriving.

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