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Find the Right Toro Golf Products for All of Your Irrigation Needs

Springtime comes as quickly as it goes, and it’s crucial to properly plan for golf course irrigation with quality performance parts. You’ll want to combat environmental extremes and foot traffic and create a beautiful playing surface by equipping yourself with an arsenal of reputable irrigation products.

Keep your turfgrass and ready for playtime with a lush, healthy look, thanks to Toro golf irrigation supplies. Reinders is proud to carry the leading distributor to tackle all of your golf course’s and field’s needs, from Toro irrigation valves to Toro controllers to Toro golf course sprinklers.

Your golf course will look picture-perfect when using Toro irrigation parts. Acquiring the right components for a streamlined system prevents water wastage and harm to your turfgrass.

Toro strives to improve your course quality with their premium golf irrigation heads, valves, controllers, and sprinklers that decrease workload and save money on maintenance costs.

A new, integrated system is just the thing you need to kick off the Spring season and get your turf looking healthy and golf-ready. Whether you’re looking to add new-and-improved parts to your pre-existing irrigation setup or you’re ready for a total product overhaul, Toro golf irrigation supplies make it easy to migrate to more recent, updated versions of the products you already know and love. These parts work in tandem to improve your overall efficiency and productivity.

Toro Golf Course SprinklersToro Golf Course Sprinklers

Toro Golf Course Sprinklers

Lower your maintenance time from hours to minutes with our range of Toro sprinklers designed to tackle all of your course challenges. Gone are the days of large, bulky hoses and hours wasted on hand watering; sprinkler systems save you time, energy, and resources. Shop sprinklers with efficient features like trajectory adjustments, nozzle base clutching, and inclusive nozzle sizing.

Toro Irrigation ValvesToro Irrigation Valves

Toro Irrigation Valves

The heavy-duty composition of Toro’s valves is reliable, dependable, and rugged, no matter they’re plastic or brass. You can count on top-quality performance from our selection of valves with lighting protection, pressure regulators, and lower power consumption.

Toro Irrigation SatellitesToro Irrigation Satellites

Toro Irrigation Satellites

Improve your system’s performance and functionality by utilizing Toro’s satellite parts. Toro satellites include intelligent features to reduce your workload and increase productivity, like an updated user interface, enhanced wireless communications, flow management, and basic/advances/grow-in programs. Plus, the natural green exterior color seamlessly blends into the course’s surroundings.

Toro Irrigation Controllers & RepairToro Irrigation Controllers & Repair

Toro Irrigation Controllers & Repair

Bring your systems to life and operate the easy way with Toro’s reliable controllers and repair parts. Effortlessly program when and how long your sprinklers run to easily manage your watering schedule and prevent overwatering. Our selection of Toro repair parts improves runtimes, manual operations, and user experience with its simplified faceplate functions.

Toro Golf Irrigation Parts, Tools, and AccessoriesToro Golf Irrigation Parts, Tools, and Accessories

Parts, Tools, and Accessories

Toro Golf has all of your miscellaneous parts, tools, and accessory needs covered, from nozzles to risers to O-rings to radios. Staying well-equipped with the right pieces leads you to successful irrigation that’s both budget-friendly and manageable.

With a wide range of Toro Golf product lines, you’ll notice the benefits of your irrigation components working together efficiently as a system opposed to over/under performing as individual parts.

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