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Rotor Sprinkler Heads – The Irrigation Solution for Exceptional Coverage in Any Size Field

Whether you’re looking to water a smaller yard, commercial landscaping, or an entire sports field, you’re sure to find a rotor sprinkler head that offers the perfect distribution for the task at hand. Adjusting rotor sprinkler heads come in various sizes, circle patterns, and up to 360-degree functions to ensure smaller areas and large areas alike can get proper irrigation from their focused water flow and greater distance throw. Shop the most trusted names in irrigation to find dependable, durable options for any sprinkler system you’re working on.

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Achieve the Vibrant Lawn of Their Dreams by Upgrading to Rotor Sprinklers from the Best

If you want to offer your clients a superior irrigation system with only the best quality components, shop the names you know and trust that have been working in the industry for years. Their knowledge of what’s needed in a quality rotor sprinkler head is unparalleled, and the fields you maintain will benefit from their superior and well-tested products. Explore your options from Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro, Irritrol, and K-Rain to find the perfect rotor sprinkler to keep every green space you maintain irrigated to perfection.


Hunter- Pro-Spray Series Pop-up Sprinkler
For residential or commercial projects alike, the Hunter Pro-Spray Series is the contractor’s choice. It’s rugged, reliable, and with a range of pop-up height sizes from shrub to 12”, it’s versatile for any application. Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler heads are precision engineered to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance and are built for a long, prosperous life in the most rugged irrigation trenches. Top-of-the-line features include-

  • Compatible with all female-threaded nozzles
  • Innovative directional flush plug design
  • No side inlet (NSI) version available in 6" and 12" models
  • Optional check valve available, factory installed

Trust in this durable product as it’s been specifically designed for strength and durability. All models include a user-friendly pull-ring flush cap to keep debris and clogging to a minimum. This intelligent design means long-term maintenance is simpler and helps you guarantee smoother operation for your clients. The co-molded wiper seal was designed to reduce flow-by and operate at low pressures and allows more sprinkler heads to be installed on the same zone. The wiper seal’s design protects the riser when running and keeps debris out of the seal when retracted, reducing riser stick-ups. The heavy-duty construction can withstand the harshest environments to keep doing its job well for years to come.


Rain Bird- 5000 Series- Pop-up Full Circle Rotor
Rest assured that any grounds you maintain benefit from superior uniformity and an impressive 360-degree coverage when you go with the Rain Bird 5000 Series. Their industry-leading Rain Curtain Technology is engineered to deliver a uniform spray pattern, giving you superior distribution uniformity and consistently greener turf with less water. Get even more significant savings with optional in-stem pressure regulation. Ideal for use in medium to large areas, these quality rotor sprinklers can distribute water from 25’ to 50’. Additional features to note-

  • Superior Wind Resistance - The larger water droplets produced by Rain Curtain technology prevent misting and airborne evaporation, so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place, saving you water and money.
  • Superior Close-in Watering - Gentle close-in watering eliminates dry spots around the rotor, prevents seed washout, and allows the turf to grow healthy without matting or bending.


Toro- 640 Sprinkler
 Built by one of the leading manufacturers in the business, the Toro 640 series is considered the most durable and heavy-duty commercial sprinkler available. It is the traditional, proven veteran for greens mist systems and medium to long-range golf applications. Should you need a sprinkler system that will be dependable in even the most demanding environments, the stainless steel, engineering plastic, and brass construction make these components up for any challenge. Get added safety as the 640 series spray heads can be installed 1/2" below grade, lessening liability or the potential for player injury.
The reliability of the Toro 640 series is unparalleled. The sturdy construction means it is built to stay put and excel at its just for many years once installed correctly. Its track record illustrates 35 years of reliability with a steel-cased drive assembly and gear drive design.
Operational features include-

  • Selection of five nozzles and 12 arcs for versatility
  • A normally open Valve-In-Head selection allows individual head control
  • Adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction
  • Standard rubber cover minimizes impact damage
  • Check valve prevents low-head drainage and keeps laterals charged with water (standard on all models)
  • Vandal-resistant cap with locking set screw


Irritrol- Platinum Sport Pop-up Rotor
The superior choice for light commercial and commercial applications, the Irritrol Platinum Sport Series rotor is designed for reliable performance and exceptional coverage. Get coverage in tall grass, while full- and part-circle operation in one unit reduces inventory requirements and increases convenience.
This gear-driven rotor sprinkler comes in seven nozzle sizes so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the right product for your needs. From installation to maintenance, Irritrol has designed this series with your convenience in mind. Key features are-

  • Full 5-inch pop-up height to nozzle- Clears tall grass
  • Reversible check valve- Eliminates low-head drainage
  • Standard rubber cover- Provides added protection against debris and keeps playing areas safe
  • Arcview Arc indicator- Simplifies adjustments
  • Adjustable part-circle and unidirectional full-circle coverage in one unit (45 degrees to 360 degrees)- Reduces inventory requirements
  • Automatic arc return- Protects against tampering and vandalism
  • Water-lubricated gear drive assembly- Enhances reliability
  • Top adjust, wet or dry- For fast, convenient installation
  • Optional stainless-steel riser- Helps to deter vandalism and provides longer life


K-Rain- SuperPro
The K-Rain SuperPro series makes it easier than ever to make any and every adjustment your sprinkler system may need whenever it may need it. SuperPro delivers matched precipitation, eliminates dry spots, and provides better zone performance. Water flow can be turned off during nozzle installation or adjustment, with the riser remaining in a popped-up position. The patented easy arc set allows for wet or dry adjustments in just seconds, and this rotor head has a full range of adjustments from 40 degrees to a continuous non reversing circle.
SuperPro Series features-

  • Patented Intelligent Flow Technology® – Allows distance and water flow to be reduced simultaneously and proportionately up to 50%. Superior uniformity. Saves water up to 30%.
  • Arc Memory Clutch – Prevents internal gear damage and returns rotor to its prior setting automatically if nozzle turret is forced out of adjustment.
  • Time-Proven Patented Reversing Mechanism – Assures continuous reverse and return over a 35-year history.
  • Ratcheting Riser – Allows easy adjustment of your left starting position with a simple turn of the riser.
  • Rubber Cover – Seals out dirt and increases product durability.
  • Optional Check Valve – Prevents low head drainage.
  • Rugged Stainless-Steel Spring – .093-gauge 302 stainless-steel spring extends the life of the rotor.