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LED Twinkle Christmas Lights

Types of Twinkling Christmas Lights

Twinkle Lights add a subtle touch of flair to your holiday lighting decoration. Available in 5MM or M5 bulb shapes, or we also offer twinkling net lights, these light sets are available in green, white, or brown wire for use during any occasion, all season long.

If you are looking for a whimsical feel, go with twinkling Christmas lights. The soft movement of the glowing light sets adds a unique touch to the otherwise steady shine of the LEDs. Use twinkle lights along rooflines, wrap shrubbery, or string along fence lines and instantly add an elegant feel to your landscape.

To make the most of your lighting displays, we carry a variety of bulb shapes that feature twinkling LED lights. Choose from the classic 5MM string lights, net light sets with 5MM bulbs for your shrubs, and M5 icicle lights when you want to change things up a bit.

Popular color choices for LED twinkle Christmas lights include the versatile warm white and cool white, blue, orange, and multi-color.

You also have options in terms of the wire color for your twinkling Christmas lights. Shop twinkle lights in green wire, white wire, or brown wire. With these choices, you can truly decorate any event in any season.

Where to Hang Your Twinkle Light Sets

While twinkle lights certainly shine in the winter months, these light sets are suitable for year-round use. Popular placements include rooflines, shrubbery, railings, and fences.

Twinkling lights can accent your patio lounge area or backyard by providing some gentle movement in the form of shifting LED lights. Twinkle lights are a great way to add a touch of elegance surrounding seating areas, backyards, or walkways.

The gentle twinkle is soft enough as to not distract or disrupt your landscape or lighting display. We recommend using twinkling lights in specific areas that you want to highlight or draw attention to.

Most of the traditional Christmas light sets you see around your neighborhood feature a steady glow. What is great about LED twinkle lights is that, well, they twinkle.

The LED lights produce a gentle, rhythmic glow that is a mesmerizing sight. You might catch yourself stuck in a gaze as the lights flick on and then gently back off. While steady-glowing lighting decorations certainly give off a feeling of warmth, the twinkle animation feels magical.

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