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Color Changing LED Christmas Lights

What is Color Changing Christmas Lighting?

Watching Christmas lights changing colors is mesmerizing, relaxing, and eye-catching — all at the same time. You can truly set your lighting display apart with color-changing LED lighting!

These string lights are a great choice for the holiday season, and we have selectively chosen color options that will compliment your existing decorations.

Whether you prefer Red to Green, Blue to Green, Blue to White, or Red to Blue, these color-changing lighting combinations are exactly what you need to make a fun and colorful statement.

Color changing Christmas lights include bulbs that fade gradually from one color to the next producing a mesmerizing lighting effect. As opposed to mixing and matching colors of different light sets, you can create a wonderful color combination within one light string.

A great choice for holiday decorations, color-changing LED Christmas lights add a fun element to otherwise traditional displays.

Types of Color Changing Light Bulbs

You can find color-changing lights in two bulb shapes: C7 and M5. The light sets slightly differ in their specifications so please pay close attention when planning out your lighting decorations and displays.

C7 color changing lights feature a larger strawberry-shaped bulb with 50 LEDs per string. You can connect up to 6 sets end-to-end to span larger areas.

M5 color changing lights feature an icicle shaped bulb with 35 LEDs per string. You are able to connect up to 72 sets end-to-end.

Where to Hang Your String Lights

Color changing LED Christmas lights are extremely versatile, but we do notice a few popular places that home decorators tend to prefer when it comes to hanging their lights.   

Fence lines, porches, handrails, and Christmas trees are often draped with color-changing light sets to help accentuate some of the larger, attention-grabbing decorations that are already in place.

We would recommend using the color changing light bulbs to spice up some of the more hidden areas of your landscape. The soft fading lights shifting back and forth between colors is certain to catch the eye of your guests. Make a bright and bold impression with color-changing LED lights.

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