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Looking for something a little more than just traditional LED Christmas lights? 5MM Conical Wide-Angle Glisten lights create a little extra shimmer for your holiday lighting displays. Each bulb on the string slowly and randomly fades, giving a shimmering effect. The LED lights twinkle or sparkle and are sure to attract on-lookers.

Light up Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, shrubs, trees and more. Make your celebration special - Warm White Glisten lights are also a great addition to wedding and other celebration decor.

Reinders’ Shimmering Glisten LED Lights Will Brighten Your Night

All the lights on these 25-foot strands fade and twinkle randomly to create a magical Christmas LED light show. The durable, crush proof bulbs are not replaceable and will keep the magic shining year after year.

Check out our Professional Seasonal and Event Lighting Catalog to see all of our Glisten LED Light product offerings!

5MM Twinkle LED Light String with a slow, random fading effect is beautiful. With a solid one-piece construction bulb this eliminates corrosion from moisture. Glisten lights can be used indoors or outdoors, will resist any type of weather, and will last for many years. Product specifications include:

  • 50 5MM Glisten LEDs per strand
  • 6" bulb spacing - 6" lead/tail wire - 25' long
  • Standard Male/Female Plug Attached
  • Full-Wave Rectified, 1-Piece Bulb Construction
  • Connect up to 45 sets end-to-end
  • UL listed, commercial grade LED lights use of to 90% less energy
  • Non-flicker, full-wave rectifier
  • Many colors to choose from

If you are looking at add something special to your holiday lighting display then check out these 5MM Glisten Conical Wide Angle LED String Lights. With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours on these lights you can enjoy them for years to come. The sparkling fade effect is perfect for outdoor weddings and parties, as well as gazebos, parks, and walkways. The twinkly transition is smooth and mesmerizing to create an elegant event.


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