GeoRipper - GR20 FourStroke Mini Trencher with Makita EK7651H - 20" Bar

  • Self-sharpening digging teeth for tree roots up to 3" below grade
  • Remove rocks up to 4” in most soils
  • Start capacitor with start support resulting in less pull start force
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GeoRipper Mini Trencher G20 – Accomplish the Job with Efficiency and Power

The GeoRipper Mini Trencher G20 is an all-encompassing trencher that is sure to increase productivity and make your hard work a little easier.

Powerful Performance in a Mini Trencher for Any Task at Hand

Challenging work can be made easier and more efficient when you have the right tools on hand. The GeoRipper Mini Trencher G20 with Makita EK7651H is the world's first 4-stroke handheld trencher and is the powerful, dependable solution you’ve been looking for.

This trencher’s 4-stroke engine by Makita delivers several advantages over 2-stroke that make this tool an exceptional upgrade for any job you take on. Due to improper fuel and oil mixing, engine seizure is one of the most common failures of 2-stroke power equipment. The 4-stroke engine, however, does not require a separate mixed oil-fuel can. No oil mixing required means contractors get simplified operation and no more engine failure.

When there’s a job to get done, it’s important to have tools on hand that are up for any challenge and can be powered up, ready to work hard as quickly as possible. The automatic engine decompression valve is engineered to give you an easier start with less pull start force. It’s designed into the cam gear to reduce that pull-start force by 40%. This efficiency in effort means you and your team can get more work done in less time, saving you and your clients’ money.

Efficiency isn’t solely marked by how quickly the job itself gets done, but also the ability to restore the area and leave it looking its best. Use the GeoRipper Mini Trencher where you need to dig a trench in a tight radius cleanly. It rapidly digs with little turf or ground disturbance to allow for fast back-filling and quick site cleanup. Your team will get the job accomplished and impress the client with a pristine result that was a breeze to achieve.

Whether you’re a landscaper, irrigation professional, electrician, or plumber, you will undoubtedly find this to be a game-changer on the job. Use this trencher to make easy work of trenching electrical, irrigation, fiber optic, landscape edging, dog fencing, root barriers, and more.

Also, enjoy the benefits of getting the work done with less noise and use of resources. This GeoRipper Mini Trencher has lower noise at 92.7dB(A), smoother idle for continuous operation, and lower fuel consumption at only 0.45 GAL/HR.

Additional advantages include a three-ring piston engineered for improved commercial engine durability and reduced exhaust and intake carbon build-up for longer cylinder life. In addition, the GeoRipper 4-Stroke has a five-stage foam-paper-nylon filtration system with Advance Direction Air Flow to provide cleaner air for improved engine durability.



  • Increased productivity over hand-digging
  • Decreased injury over hand-digging
  • Self-sharpening digging teeth for tree roots up to 3" below grade
  • Remove rocks up to 4” in most soils
  • Automatic engine decompression valve reduces pull-start force by 40%
  • Pressure compensated carburetor reduces flooding during cold starts
  • Lower noise at 92.7dB(A) and smoother idle for continuous operation
  • Lower fuel consumption at 0.45 GAL/HR

Included in the Box

  • Makita-powered EK7651H 4-Stroke Engine
  • 20” Digging Bar with Nose Bar End Assembly and Nose Sprocket
  • 20” Deep x 1-1/2" wide Digging Chains (2-Pack)
  • Additional Drive Belt, Nose Bearing, and Bar End Assembly Screws
  • Stock Makita Engine Tool Kit in Orange Pouch
  • Chain Connector Link to repair chain in the field
  • Full-size 18mm Combination Wrench
  • Stock Makita AND GeoRipper Owner’s Manuals
  • GeoRipper trenching - Cutting it like butter!
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