Dow - Fore Rainshield Specialty Fungicide - Case of 8 boxes with 4 - 24 OZ WSP in Each Box

  • Provides most cost-effective control of brown patch and protects against other troublesome diseases
  • Low resistance potential because it affects fungi at multiple sites
  • Attacks fungi in non-selective manner, preventing organisms from adapting and mutating
  • Ideal choice for summertime conditions when heat, humidity and heavy irrigation combine to create the most intense disease conditions of the year
  • Works best when used on a preventive 7-14 day schedule
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Fore® Rainshield® turf and ornamental specialty fungicide is a unique broad-spectrum fungicide for preventive control of brown patch and other key turfgrass diseases. Fore Rainshield is formulated as a wettable powder in water-soluble packets and is also sold as Dithane® 75DF Rainshield® formulations for use on ornamentals.

Fore® 80WP Rainshield® specialty fungicide not only provides the most cost-effective control of brown patch, it also protects against many other troublesome diseases. Fore 80WP Rainshield is an ideal choice for summertime conditions when heat, humidity and heavy irrigation combine to create the most intense disease conditions of the year. Rainshield® technology means this product resists wash-off and aids redistribution in wet weather.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-site enzyme inhibitor — helps manage disease resistance. Rotate with strobilurins for even greater resistance management.
  • Cost-effective control.
  • Preventative control of brown patch and 11 other diseases.
  • 80% wettable powder in water-soluble packets.
  • Rainshield technology improves effectiveness under heaviest disease pressure conditions.
  • Tank-mix flexibility - compatible with other commonly used fungicides and insecticides.

How Fore® 80WP Rainshield® Specialty Fungicide Works

Mancozeb, the active ingredient in Fore 80WP Rainshield, is a multiple-site enzyme inhibitor that attacks fungi in a nonselective manner and prevents disease organisms from adapting and mutating. This feature gives Fore 80WP Rainshield a successful track record in turf disease control, without ever experiencing a resistance problem.

What is Rainshield Technology?

The mancozeb particles in Fore 80WP Rainshield specialty fungicide are small and refined, so more fungicide remains on the turf blades — allowing long-lasting,broad-spectrum disease control. Dow AgroSciences calls this smaller particle science “Rainshield technology.” Testing has shown that Rainshield technology allows better distribution of active ingredient with fewer gaps in protection. This helps ensure more even and consistent coverage — even after heavy rain or irrigation. This means more Fore 80WP Rainshield remains on the plant surface for a longer time.

Active Ingredient: Mancozeb

For Use On:

  • Golf Courses
  • Industrial or municipal turf areas
  • Warm and Cool Season grasses
  • See Label for complete list of use sites

Diseases Controlled

Fore 80WP Rainshield controls algae and is also labeled for control of a variety of fungal diseases, including:

  • Anthracnose
  • Brown patch
  • Pythium blight
  • Red thread
  • Slime mold
  • Snow mold
  • See Label for complete list of diseases


The recommended use rate for Fore 80WP Rainshield specialty fungicide on golf courses and industrial or municipal turf areas is 4-8OZ/1,000 SQ FT or approximately 11 -22 LBS/ACRE. Refer to label for recommended rates and treatment schedules for each target disease.

Apply in sufficient water to provide adequate coverage.

Requires a minimum of a 10 day interval between applications

Each 24 OZ water soluble packet treats:

  • 6,000 SQ FT at the 4 OZ/1,000 SQ FT rate
  • 4,000 SQ FT at the 6 OZ/1,000 SQ FT rate
  • 3,000 SQ FT at the 8 OZ/1,000 SQ FT rate
  • Note that the 8 OZ/1,000 SQ FT rate is the same as the maximum rate of 21.75 LB/ACRE

Tank Mixing

When mixed according to label directions, Fore 80WP Rainshield specialty fungicide is compatible with most commonly used turfgrass fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators. Several popular tank mixes include Fore 80WP Rainshield, plus:

  • Eagle® 20EW specialty fungicide — for broadspectrum disease control
  • Banol or Subdue fungicide — leads to synergistic effects for curing pythium; in addition, it makes an effective combination against summer stress complex
  • Aliette fungicide — for summer stress complex
  • PCNB-based fungicides — for good knockdown coverage of snow mold that appears after thawing
  • When preparing tank mixes, users should consult spray compatibility charts or state extension service specialists.

Turfgrass tolerance to this product has been found to be acceptable; however, this product, and tank mixes of this product, have not been tested on all varieties of every turfgrass species or under all possible growing conditions. Users who are unfamiliar with the performance of Fore 80WP Rainshield or a tank mix containing Fore 80WP Rainshield should treat a limited area of turfgrass prior to initiating large-scale applications.


Not for use on sod farms, athletic fields, residential turf, and residential greenhouses.

Do not apply this product through any kind of irrigation system.

See Label for complete restrictions.

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