Dow - Eagle 20EW Specialty Fungicide - 1 GAL Jug

  • Prevents/treats dollar spot, anthracnose, summer patch, brown patch, powdery mildew, rust, and scab
  • Systemic protectant
  • For use on golf course fairways, roughs, tees and greens, commercial and residential stone fruit trees, apple trees and grapes, and other landscape ornamentals
  • For use on ornamentals such as chrysanthemums, daylilies, poinsettias and roses in nurseries, landscapes and greenhouses
  • Best control of labeled diseases is achieved when Eagle® 20EW is applied on a 7-10 day application schedule
  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 4
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With Eagle® 20EW specialty fungicide, you can cure dollar spot and brown patch. Better yet, you can prevent them and other diseases from occurring in the first place. Eagle 20EW has preventative and curative qualities that make it one of the most broad-spectrum fungicides available.

How Eagle 20EW Specialty Fungicide Works

Eagle 20EW is a systemic fungicide whose active ingredient, myclobutanil, inhibits the synthesis of ergosterol, an important component of fungus cell walls. Myclobutanil, a demethylation inhibitor (DMI), hinders sterol synthesis, which restricts cell wall development in targeted pathogens.

Eagle 20EW works from the inside out and, unlike some other locally systemic products, it protects new foliage by translocating to new growth. Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide does not display the plant growth regulator effects often found in similar products - so it should not inhibit growth and development of turf or ornamentals.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents and cures fungal diseases.
  • Systemic protection that protects new growth.
  • Well tolerated by popular turfgrass and ornamental species.
  • Convenient, liquid formulation.

For Use On:

  • Commercial and Resdential Lawns
  • Ornamental Turfgrass
  • Grounds or lawn around business and office complexes
  • Golf course fairways, roughs, tee boxes, and greens
  • Bluegrass
  • Ryegrass
  • Bermudagrass
  • Zoysiagrass
  • Bentgrass
  • See Label for complete list of uses

Diseases Controlled

  • Brown patch
  • Copper spot
  • Dollar spot
  • Necrotic ring spot
  • Spring dead spot
  • Summer patch
  • Black spot
  • Leaf spots
  • Powdery mildew
  • Rusts
  • Scab
  • See Label for complete list of diseases


Non-Residential Turfgrass: Optimum disease control is achieved when Eagle 20EW is applied in a preventative disease control program at a rate of 1-2.4 OZ/1,000 SQ FT.

Spring dead spot in Bermudagrass can be effectively controlled all winter and prevented the following spring with Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide. Make a one-time application at a rate of 2.4 OZ/1,000 SQ FT or multiple applications at 30 day intervals, with the last occurring about 30 days before Bermudagrass dormancy. If thatch is heavy, aerating or verticutting prior to application will help Eagle 20EW penetrate the roots and crowns of the plants. Treatments should be watered in, using 1/4” of water within 6 HRS of application.

Residential Turfgrass: Optimum disease control is achieved when Eagle 20EW is applied in a preventative disease control program at a rate of 1.2 OZ/1,000 SQ FT.

Apply Eagle 20EW in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage. For foliar diseases, use approximately 1 GAL of water/1,000 SQ FT to control diseases causing root and crown rots.

Landscape, Greenhouse, and Nursery Ornamentals: Eagle 20EW can be applied to ornamental plants in greenhouses, field-grown planting or in commercial and residential landscapes. Apply to vigorously growing plants on a 10-14 day application schedule at a rate of 6-12 OZ/100 GAL (dilute spray) or 8 OZ/ACRE (concentrate spray). For best results, achieve thorough coverage of all plant parts. Remember to always read and follow label directions.

It is important to apply Eagle 20EW in any area with a history of spring dead spot problems, since the disease frequently appears in the same sites annually.


Do not apply to fruit trees within 14 days of harvest.

Do not apply through sprinkler systems that deliver a low coefficient of uniformity such as certain water drive units.

Do not use treated plant materials for food or feed.

See Label for complete restrictions.

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Rain Sensitivity
48 HRS
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