Cryotech - NAAC Commercial - 25 KG Bag (55 LBS)

  • Works fast like calcium chloride, without chloride-induced corrosion
  • Applies easily with the same equipment as the other solid deicers
  • Works longer, requiring fewer applications
  • Biodegrades quickly at low temperatures
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Cryotech NAAC® solid commercial deicer is 97% anhydrous sodium acetate by weight containing less than 1% corrosion inhibitors. It is a high performance replacement for other commercially available deicers including chlorides and urea. NAAC is non-chloride based making it safer for structural steel and reinforcing steel embedded in concrete as well as safer for the environment.

NAAC is produced as a spherical pellet using Cryotech's patented Unipel technology. This configuration minimizes dust, reduces compaction in storage, and results in even spray patterns. Unipel technology and the unique composition of NAAC increases product stability for long-term bulk storage.

NAAC is best used as a deicer, spread on the pavement after precipitation starts. NAAC is compatible with Cryotech CF7® liquid commercial deicer. Prewetting NAAC at the spreader spinner with Cryotech CF7 enhances effectiveness.


  • Works fast like calcium chloride, without chloride-induced corrosion
  • Applies easily with the same equipment as other solid deicers
  • Works longer, requiring fewer applications
  • Safe for the environment
  • Contains pure materials for higher performance - Non-chloride based
  • Manufactured as a round pellet to be less dusty than irregularly shaped deicers


  • Gives off heat as it dissolves - Exothermic
  • Contains 97% active ingredients for high performance in an anhydrous pellet
  • Melts faster than common deicers like sodium chloride
  • Patented Unipel technology ensures uniform size, shape, and composition of each pellet
  • Penetrates directly to the pavement due to spherical shape; irregular shaped deicers penetrate laterally, inefficiently expending energy before reaching the pavement
  • Requires less material than common deicers to achieve similar effectiveness
  • Active to low temperatures: 0°F (-18°C)


  • Less persistent in the environment than other solid deicers
  • Biodegrades quickly at low temperatures
  • Low toxicity to fish and mammals


  • Deicing - apply in uniform patterns: Near 32°F (0°C) on thin ice = 5-7 LBS/1000 SQ FT (25-35 g/m²) Less than 10°F (-12°C) on 1” (2.5cm) ice = 10-25 LBS/1000 SQ FT (50-75 g/m²)
  • Re-apply when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond
  • Plow once bond is broken
  • Prewetting - apply Cryotech CF7® to NAAC at spreader outlet at a rate of 10% by weight


  • Store in original container
  • Avoid excess moisture which may cause caking
  • Preserve pellet integrity by not over handling
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