Control Solutions - T-Nex Plant Growth Regulator - 2.5 GAL JUG

  • A micro emulsion concentrate used to manage growth and improve quality and stress tolerance of turf edging and warm- and cool-season turfgrasses.
  • Quali-Pro T-Nex is effective only by absorption through the grass foliage and not by plant uptake of the product through the soil
  • Quali-Pro® T-Nex® mixes completely with water and may be tank mixed with many commonly used pesticides and liquid fertilizers.
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Quali-Pro® T-Nex® is a plant growth regulator and is an odorless micro emulsion concentrate (MEC). Quali-Pro® T-Nex® mixes completely with water and may be tank mixed with many commonly used pesticides and liquid fertilizers.
Quali-Pro® T-Nex® is effective only by absorption through the grass foliage and not by plant uptake of the product through the soil. Within one hour after application, Quali-Pro® T-Nex® will not wash off the grass foliage.

Quali-Pro® T-Nex® reduces the growth of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses. When used according to directions for turf growth management, Quali-Pro® T-Nex® reduces the frequency of mowing and the amount of grass clippings generated by mowing. Quali-Pro® T-Nex® applications may also increase the color, quality, and density of turf.

Active Ingredient: Trinexapac-ethyl

For use on:

  • lawns (residential and commercial)
  • golf courses
  • sod farms (Not for use on sod farms in AZ)
  • sports fields, cemeteries, and similar areas
  • difficult-to-mow areas

Growth Suppressed

  • Cool-Season Grasses:
  • Bentgrass
  • Fescues
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Rygrass
  • Mixtures
  • Warm-Season Grasses:
  • Bahiagrass
  • Bermuda Grass
  • Buffalograss
  • St. Augustinegrass
  • Zoysiagrass
  • See label for complete listing


Turf - Cool Season Grasses: Application rates vary on type of grass controlled
The APPLICATION RATE TABLE provides use rates that lead to approximately 50% growth inhibition over a 4-week period and produce little or no discoloration of turf when turf is growing under favorable conditions.
High fertilization and spring flushes may cause excessive turf growth which may require higher rates of Quali-Pro® T-Nex®. Under these conditions, increase the Quali-Pro® T-Nex® rate up to 50% to ensure an adequate length of control.
A maximum of twice the recommended Quali-Pro® T-Nex® rate from the Application Rate Table may be applied in order to ensure extended growth suppression of up to 8 weeks and when temporary discoloration can be tolerated, A reduction of up to 50% of the Quali-Pro® T-Nex® use rates may be needed for turfgrass grown under conditions of low fertility, compaction, or other factors which lead to stress of the turf.
Repeat applications of Quali-Pro® T-Nex® are permitted during the growing season, but do not exceed a total of 7.0 fl oz per 1000 sq ft (305 fl oz per acre which is equivalent to 19.0 pts. per acre) per year.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Continue normal cultural practices (such as irrigation; fertilization; and weed, disease and insect control) when necessary in areas treated with Quali-Pro® T-Nex® to ensure quality turf.
  • Because some herbicides can injure turf, test tank mixes with Quali-Pro® T-Nex® on a small scale before widespread use. See the directions for testing in the TANK MIX COMPATIBILITY TEST section above.
  • Quali-Pro® T-Nex® may cause temporary yellowing of turfgrass which usually disappears about one week after application. If readily available nitrogen (0.2-0.5 lb of actual nitrogen per 1000 sq ft) is applied to turfgrass, the yellowing is minimized and the green color is enhanced. Alternatively, specified rates of iron per 1000 sq ft can also be used.
  • Regulation of full growth by Quali-Pro® T-Nex® usually begins at 3-5 days after application.
  • If using Quali-Pro® T-Nex® in a tank mixture, observe all directions for use, use sites, use rate dilution ratios, precautions, and limitations which appear on the tank mix product’s label. Do not exceed any label use rate and follow the most restrictive label precautions and limitations. Do not apply this product with any product which prohibits such mixing.
  • Do not apply Quali-Pro® T-Nex® through any type of irrigation system.
  • Do not graze areas or feed turf grass clippings to livestock.

See Label for complete restrictions.

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