Andersons - 22-0-4 50% HCU™ 43% Black Gypsum DG® - SGN 240 - 50 LB Bag

  • Humic acid derived from oxidized lignite (leonardite)
  • Gypsum provides secondary nutrients (calcium and sulfur)
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Relieves compaction
  • Relieves soil salinity and reduces bicarbonates
  • Improves root development
  • Product contains no filler; every granule provides a benefit
  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pallet Size = 40
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HCU (Humic Coated Urea) granules are an innovative nitrogen source featuring urea-humate fusion. This proprietary technology from The Andersons produces a cost effective 22-0-4 nitrogen granule that is bonded with potassium humate. Clean, spherical, free flowing granules are 100% soluble for use in both liquid and dry applications. HCU granules can be applied to all types of cool and warm season turf, landscape and nursery ornamentals, and specialty crops. HCU granules offer a practical, sensible and sustainable approach to applying nitrogen with important soil and plant health benefits that traditional nitrogen sources cannot provide.


There are many types of controlled-release or enhanced efficiency nitrogen products available that provide the single benefit of potentially improving the utilization of applied nitrogen. Some nitrogen products use physical coatings such as polymers and/or sulfur to slow the release of nitrogen, while enhanced efficiency nitrogen products use chemical additives to suppress beneficial soil biology.

HCU granules are different by design. They utilize urea-humate fusion technology which bonds a uniform coating of potassium humate over a urea granule. This coating does not act as a physical barrier to slow nitrogen release, but works synergistically with urea to promote and enhance soil biology.

HCU granules contain beneficial fulvic and humic acids that provide a rich carbon source for maintaining and improving soil biology. Fulvic and humic acids have numerous proven benefits for soil and plant health which include: enhanced nutrient efficiency, micronutrient uptake, soil nutrient holding capacity, biological activity, and water holding capacity. Both fulvic and humic acids have unique physical and chemical properties that contribute to their effectiveness and the way they complement fertilizer programs.

  • Fulvic Acids are very soluble and can be readily absorbed by leaves and roots, making them well suited for foliar application. Fulvic acids enhance the absorption of nutrients and aid in the efficiency of plant metabolic reactions.
  • Humic Acids are moderately soluble. They have a high cation exchange capacity (CEC), which helps enhance the nutrient holding capacity of the soil after application. Humic acid molecules chelate many essential nutrients and help stimulate soil microbiology.


Humic acid provides a carbon food source which stimulates soil microbiology. Carbon is an essential plant nutrient that provides soil microbes with a food source and habitat. Microbes support soil and overall plant health by making nutrients available to plants in the inorganic form. Humic acid is a primary food source to grow populations of beneficial soil fungi, including mycorrhizal fungi.

The complex structure of humic acids enables many opportunities for interactions with nutrients. These interactions keep nutrients accessible to the growing plants and prevent leaching or tie up. Humic acids also increase the availability of micronutrients to the plant. Larger molecules of humic acids physically modify soil structure which increases soil aggregate stability, improves water infiltration, nutrient holding capacity, aeration, soil tilth, and workability.

With the power of humic acid, HCU granules will enhance soil biology and chemistry, which in turn will enhance nutrient availability. This is in contrast to many competitive products, which keep nutrients available by suppressing biological processes.

With DG Technology, particles are more rapidly and efficiently broken down.

Upon contact with water, each DG granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move through the turf canopy into the root zone. This level of dispersibility delivers precise nutrient delivery, while eliminating issues associated with runoff and nutrient loss.

No Mower Pickup
Following irrigation, DG products immediately begin dispersing down into the soil, eliminating mower pickup and delivering 100% of the applied nutrients right where you need them. Mower pickup of conventional granular fertilizers is reported to be as high as 15-25%.

No Particle Movement
DG products disperse quickly and completely when watered, moving directly into the soil. In a heavy rain or over-irrigation, conventional fertilizers may float and be carried off the intended application area, or be deposited in low lying areas, where they may cause damage.

No Mower Damage or Residual Shells
DG particles do not rely on a physical coating to release nutrients. Coated fertilizers (used by our competitors) are very susceptible to damage from mowers, resulting in premature nutrient release.

Less Interruption of Play
The fact that products utilizing our DG Technology require less watering to disperse the nutrient granules means that you can enjoy less downtime, along with a drier and firmer playing surface.

No Sticky Residue
With DG Technology, you can enjoy a line of products that melt directly into the soil. The result is no sticky fertilizer residue, which can accumulate on shoes, balls and other equipment.

Active Ingredient: Plant nutrients derived from urea, potassium sulfate, calcium sulfate and mined gypsum, Humic Acid.

Use Sites:

  • Residential and commercial turf
  • Golf course fairways and rough
  • Sports turf


Not applicable


50 LBS feeds 14,200 SQ FT (0.33 ACRE) with 0.77 LBS N/1,000 SQ FT at the LOW RATE
50 LBS feeds 12,500 SQ FT (0.29 ACRE) with 0.88 LBS N/1,000 SQ FT at the MEDIUM RATE
50 LBS feeds 11,100 SQ FT (0.25 ACRE) with 0.99 LBS N/1,000 SQ FT at the HIGH RATE

  • Apply only as directed during the growing season.
  • Apply to dry foliage
  • Water in after application with a minimum of 0.2" to help move particles into the turf canopy.
  • Do not collect clippings for at least one mowing following application to avoid particle pick-up.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Store in a clean, dry place.
  • Reseal opened bag by folding top down and securing.
  • Use only clean, dry spreaders.
  • Do not leave unused product in spreaders.
  • Do not apply near water, storm drains or drainage ditches. Do not apply if heavy rain is expected. Apply this product only to your lawn and sweep any product that lands on the driveway, sidewalk or street, back onto your lawn.

See Label for complete restrictions.

Slightly Musty
Container Size
50 LB Bag
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