American Excelsior - 8' X 112.5' Premier Straw Quick Degrade Erosion Control Blanket with Single-Sided White Net

  • Temporary erosion control blankets
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Certified weed seed free agricultural straw
  • White QuickMow™ netting
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Premier Straw Erosion Control Blankets- Trust the Top-Quality Manufacturing of American Excelsior

AEC Premier Straw blankets use only top-quality, organic, certified weed seed free, agricultural straw fibers. A single net is then stitched to the topside of the ECB. A variety of nettings are available, depending on your project requirements.

Get the Best Protection When Grass Seed Needs It Most, Using Biodegradable Erosion Control

Premier Straw erosion control blankets are designed to provide short-term protection for grass seed and topsoil during the germination and progressive revegetation and root system development stages. These quick grass erosion control blankets with Excelsior straw are the finest quality because AEC takes pride in their production from beginning to end. AEC Premier blanket manufacturing process starts with choosing only top quality, organic, weed seed-free, agricultural straw fibers. A single or double net is then stitched to the topside or both sides of the blanket.

Premier Straw blankets are degradable erosion control blankets with the finest straw fibers available. They are specifically designed to provide you with the most effective installation widths available. Lightweight and easy to handle, you can rely on AEC Premier Straw to hold its own in everyday basic blanket applications.

The photodegradable QuickMow™ netting is recommended for urban use and is popular on certain roadside projects. It is color-coded white to identify it as a rapid-breakdown, polypropylene netting designed for use in areas to be mowed.

These erosion control blankets are designed to meet all stormwater management regulations. The product is an ‘easy install,’ with detailed installation recommendations, installed in the same direction water flows. Erosion Control Blankets are thick, fibrous blankets woven out of either natural materials (e.g., straw and coconut fiber), synthetic materials (e.g., polypropylene), or a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. These blankets are used primarily to slow water runoff, provideeffective sediment and erosion control, and enhance revegetation. These blankets are commonly applied to flow channels and ditch linings, steep slopes, culvert inlets and outfalls, riverbanks, and levees.Erosion control blankets are classified as short-term, long-term, or permanent use, primarily based on whether vegetation is intended to replace or work in conjunction with the blankets.

Typical Applications

  • Slope protection
  • Channel and ditch linings
  • Reservoir embankments and spillways
  • Culvert inlets and outfalls
  • Dikes, levees, and riverbanks


Before installing AEC Premier Straw erosion control blankets, the owner's representative should inspect the seedbed to ensure it has been properly compacted and fine graded to remove any existing rills. It should be free of obstructions, such as tree roots, projections such as stones, and other foreign objects. The contractor should proceed when satisfactory conditions are present.

After the area has been properly shaped, seeded, fertilized, and compacted, AEC Premier Straw erosion control blanket should be removed from the protective cover.

Next, locate the start of the roll, making sure the roll is facing toward the area to be covered, and then roll out the blanket. The blankets should be rolled out flat, even, and smooth without stretching the material.

130 Years of Exceptional Manufacturing and Leading the Industry

For more than a century, American Excelsior Company has manufactured and distributed complete lines of products for packaging, cushioning, engineered foam specialties, erosion control, and a wide variety of engineered wood fibers. AEC’s nationwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities ensure efficient delivery from 8 locations across the country.

AEC has also been the most trusted name in erosion control for 50 years. They are the inventor of biodegradable erosion control blankets made with biodegradable materials to help even in critical environmentally sensitive areas.

American Excelsior Co
8' X 112.5'
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