American Excelsior - 4' X 112-1/2' Curlex I Blanket

  • Designed using cuts of Great Lakes aspen fibers to provide ideal conditions for grass seed growth, while simultaneously shielding the topsoil from water and wind erosion
  • These blankets have a built-in swell factor which allows the fibers to expand and form a stronger matrix when wet
  • Curlex excelsior fibers are seed free
  • Curlex excelsior fibers are engineered specially for erosion and sediment control
  • Slopes - 1.5H:1V & flatter
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Curlex blankets consist of unique softly barbed, interlocking, curled, Aspen excelsior fibers. They are naturally seed free. Curlex blankets are available with a variety of environmentally sensitive and/or stronger netting types to match job requirements. We offer a green color-coded plastic netting for applications requiring UV resistance, strength, and longevity. Our photo-degradable Quick Mow™ netting is recommended for urban, golf course, and certain roadside projects. It is color-coded (white) to identify it as a rapid breakdown, polypropylene netting designed for use in areas to be mowed.

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American Excelsior Co
4' X 112-1/2'
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