500' 14/4 Direct Burial Speaker Cable

  • 4 Conductor 14 gauge direct burial speaker cable for the Sonance Outdoor Audio System
  • Conductors are color coded (Green, Black, Red, White) for easy identification during speaker wiring
  • Designed for all sunlight resistant and direct burial speaker wire applications
  • Made with 105 strands of oxygen free copper (OFC)
  • UL and CL3 Rated for in-wall installations
  • Highly durable direct burial rated jacket will give your audio signals complete protection in the most extreme environments
  • Previous Part #: A1404OSPBK
Quantity (minimum 1):

Premium 14-4 direct burial outdoor speaker wire for your speaker and volume control installations. The 14-4 outdoor speaker wire is designed for all sunlight resistant and direct burial speaker wire applications. It features a 14-gauge 4 conductor (14/4) construction made with 105 strands of oxygen free copper (OFC). This 14-4 outdoor speaker wire is both UL and CL3 rated for in-wall installations. Its highly durable direct burial rated jacket will give your audio signals complete protection in the most extreme environments.

This 14-4 outdoor speaker wire is perfect for outdoor speaker installations where the cable is installed in a conduit, directly in the ground, or in areas where there is direct sunlight exposure. 14-4 speaker wire is the most popular cable used for wiring between a volume control and the audio receiver. Plus the direct burial rated jacket will ensure your audio signals are 100% protected, so your outdoor speakers will perform!


  • Includes: (1) 500’ box of 14-4 Direct Burial Outdoor Speaker Wire
  • 14-Gauge 4 Conductor Speaker Wire
  • 105 Strand
  • Includes Rip Cord
  • Made with 99.999% OFC Copper
  • UL TYPE: CL3 & UL Direct Burial
  • High-strand Bare Copper Direct Burial and Sunlight Resistant
  • Insulation: PVC
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Black, Red, Green, and White Color-Coded Conductors

Speaker wire is a vital component of any high performance audio system. It is the pipe that delivers the sound between your audio speakers and audio amplifier. Speaker wire is the staple of any high quality home theater or commercial audio system installation. The most common speaker wire types come in different gauges (AWG) to support different distance between the speakers and audio components. The gauge refers to the thickness of the cable. The most widely used gauges of speaker wire are 12 AWG, 14 AWG, 16 AWG, and 18 AWG cable types. Using the right speaker cable type and gauge can be the difference between a high performance audio system, and an under- performing audio system.

Choosing the right gauge of speaker cable for your installation could be the most important decision you make. The speaker gauge describes the thickness of the speaker wire with the lower gauge number meaning a thicker cable. So a 12 gauge speaker wire would be much thicker than an 18 gauge speaker wire. Internally, a speaker wire is made up of numerous small copper strands that are put together in a jacket to create the measurable thickness or gauge of the wire. The thickness or gauge of wire you need will be determined as you start to evaluate the length of cable runs you have between your speakers and your amplifier. The reality is that as an audio signal travels over the wire it experiences resistance which causes power loss. This signal loses power every inch it travels from the speaker to the audio components. This means that the most pure audio signal would be realized the closer the speaker is to the amplifier. If you do not install the right gauge of speaker wire to support the distances you are trying to deliver your sound, the end result will be a weaker signal and poor sound quality.

For best results we recommend the below distance guidelines for buying audio cable:

  • Less than 60’: 16 Gauge Wire
  • 60-180’: 14 Gauge Wire
  • More than 200’: 12 Gauge Speaker

Most quality speaker wire products will have their certifications or rating characteristics clearly marked on the cables jacket. If you are installing speaker wire in the wall it is important that the speaker wire you choose has a CL3 rating. This proves that the cable has been tested and has passed safety tests administered by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). A CL3 rating means the speaker wire is permitted for in-wall installations. Another common certification is a CMR rating. A CMR rating as it pertains to wire and cable means that particular cable is approved to be installed between floors in non-plenum areas in commercial applications. We recommend that you always install the speaker wire type that supports and follows your local building codes.

Wire Color
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