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Find the Best Electric In-line Irrigation Valves by Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Weathermatic

Looking for inline irrigation valves with flow controls, reverse flow designs and more by the industry’s top brands? Reinders has you covered, with that brass electric inline sprinkler valve, hydraulic valve, plastic economy inline valve or whatever else you need for your sprinkler system.

Our best-in-class automatic valves are designed to offer water flow control (or not, depending on your application), as well as the latest filtering, scrubbing and pressure regulating technologies.

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Browse Inline Electric Irrigation Valves – Rain Bird, Hunter, Weathermatic, Irritrol

In-line irrigation valves are probably the most common type of valve used in commercial sprinkler systems. As their name suggests, they fit directly in the individual line of each application, although they can also be known as directional control valves.

Here’s just a sampling of our top-rated electric in-line sprinkler valve models:

Inline irrigation valves with ‘reverse flow’

Automatic Inline valves with ‘reverse flow’ are designed to offer more control over water flow. They ensure the valve will fail in the closed position if a tear or rip in the diaphragm occurs. This prevents flooding, water waste and landscape damage.

Rain Bird - EFB-CP Series - 1" Brass Irrigation Valve

When it comes to electric remote-control sprinkler system valves, you can’t beat EFB-CP Series red brass valves. Their contamination-proof, self-flushing screens clean themselves and resist dirty water debris buildup.

Ideal for non-potable water valve applications, the EFB-CP is designed to handle chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in reclaimed water systems. This top-rated inline valve for irrigation also offers long life and premium performance in high-pressure applications.

Other features:

  • One-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing. Say goodbye to losing parts!
  • The filter’s flow of water continuously flushes the screen, dislodging particles and debris before it can clog the filter.
  • Manual internal bleed operates the valve without allowing water into the valve box. You can adjust the pressure regulator without the controller.

Weathermatic - 1" Inline Plastic Economy Irrigation Valve

These “reverse” flow sprinkler valves are designed to permit equal pressure distribution on both sides of the diaphragm, regardless of line pressure. This prevents “stretching,” a common cause of automatic sprinkler system valve failure.

The diaphragm’s self-cleaning ports, meanwhile, constantly flex, inhibiting sand and silt from blocking valve action. And the molded shock cone ensures smooth operation and reduction of water hammer.

Other notable features:

  • 150 PSI rating
  • Pressure-activated diaphragm.
  • Easy-to-use internal manual bleed lever; bleeds valve downstream; has stops for open and closed positions.
  • High efficiency S20P solenoid with stainless-steel actuator.
  • High-strength, glass-filled body and cover with ¼-inch stainless steel cover bolts and mating brass body inserts.
  • Non-rising flow control stem throttles valve from full open to closed position on flow control models.

Inline irrigation valves with flow control

A valve with flow control is needed in a pneumatic sprinkler system because the directional control of the flow is what accomplishes the work in such a system. A sprinkler valve with flow control is responsible for directing the energy transfer to the right place within the system, at the right time.

Here are just two examples of our many top-rated in-line irrigation valve models that are designed to control which way the water is flowing.

Toro - 1" Female NPT, In-Line Valve With Flow Control, Electric Globe, Angle Valve

  • Fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragm provides long-term tear and stretch tolerance
  • Debris-resistant model can operate in the harshest of climates with dirty water
  • Globe and globe/angle built into one valve
  • Self-cleaning, stainless steel metering pin

Irritrol - 200B Series - 1-1/2" NPT Valve with Flow Control

  • Accepts OmniReg modular pressure regulator
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion- and UV-resistant PVC and stainless-steel construction
  • Rugged, double-beaded SANTOPRENE diaphragm
  • Unique three-way stainless-steel bonnet
  • High-strength ribbed bonnet and bottom inlet
  • Slow-closing design

Automatic Valves – AC and DC

Our inline automatic valves for irrigation come in two options; Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC). Before buying an automatic inline irrigation valve, we recommend confirming your controller and valve specifications are compatible. AC controllers and AC valves are compatible, and DC controllers and DC valves are compatible. On many valves, DC-latching solenoids are designed to replace an AC solenoid in order to convert an AC sprinkler system valve to DC.

Here are our inline automatic sprinkler valves with DC-latching solenoids:

Toro - Ez-Flo Valve SXS NPT F/C DC Lat

Toro - Valve Brass 1.5"DC Latching

Toro - Valve P220 1-1/2" NPT DC Latching

Hunter - 1" PGV Plastic Globe Valve - DC Latching Solenoid - NPT X NPT

Hunter - 2" PGV Plastic Globe/Angle Valve - DC Latching Solenoid - NPT X NPT

Hunter - 3" ICV Globe Valve with Flow Control and Filter Sentry - DC Latching Solenoid - NPT

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