Toro’s Workman HDX Auto

You asked for it, Toro delivered.
  • Toro SpeedContr’l delivers precise ground speed during spraying and top dressing applications
  • Two-speed transmission with high and low range
  • Total vehicle payload of 3,295 lbs (1498 kg) *
  • Towing capacity 3,500 lbs (1591 kg)
  • Kohler® 28hp liquid-cooled EFI gasoline engine
  • Two-wheel and four-wheel drive options

No manual clutch, no shifting, and no sacrifices. The same reliability, quality, and product features you have come to expect from Toro heavy-duty utility vehicles just got better. Toro’s all new Workman HDX Auto.

The days of slipping tires as you let out the clutch are gone. The days of training new operators on how to drive a manual transmission are gone.

Powered by a 28hp Kohler® liquid-cooled EFI engine that is optimally timed with the transmission to deliver peak torque from 0-20 mph. No lack of power with this machine, climb the most difficult terrain with a load of sand and you will forget the bed is full.

Toro’s proprietary SpeedContr’l™ insures precise ground speed to engine speed critical for accurate application rates with bed mounted top dressers and sprayers. Simply select the correct position on the SpeedContr’l and you are set. Put your foot to the floor and maintain consistent speed over undulating fairways and hills. Let the transmission and the engine do the work so the operator can focus on getting the job done

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