Ventrac 4520 TractorVentrac 4520 Tractor


4520 Tractor

Ventrac's 4520 tractor offers a perfect blend of machine performance, operator experience, and durability for grounds care professionals. With its peak power and agility, front-mounted attachments, pivoting frame, and proper weight distribution, it provides superior visibility, maneuverability, balance, and stability. The compact tractor is designed to perform tasks more efficiently than hand labor, and it works even better when combined with Ventrac's extensive line of attachments, making it a great machine for a variety of professional users.

  • Improved Performance: The Ventrac 4520 tractor boasts superior performance compared to traditional, fixed-frame tractors, with faster hydraulic speed, tighter turning radius, and consistent low ground pressure.
  • Full-Time All-Wheel Drive: The tractor's all-wheel drive ensures maximum performance in every situation, providing better stability and ground contact.
  • Tool-Free Quick Connect: Ventrac's quick-connect attachment system allows for easy and efficient attachment changes without the need for tools.
  • Redesigned Operator Dashboard: The 4520 tractor features a redesigned dashboard with a USB charge port, making it convenient for operators to charge their devices on the go.
  • Significantly Reduced Turf Disturbance: The Ventrac 4520 tractor is designed to cause minimal turf disturbance, making it an ideal choice for grounds care professionals who want to maintain the integrity of turf while performing various tasks.

The Ventrac 4520 is not your average compact tractor. While the main purpose of a tractor is to perform tasks more efficiently than manual labor, the 4520 takes it to the next level. With its unique design and superior performance, this tractor is perfect for golf courses, landscape projects, parks, and other grounds maintenance. Its compatibility with the extensive line of Ventrac attachments adds even more versatility, making it a top choice for those looking to maximize efficiency and get the job done right.

Ventrac 4520 TractorVentrac 4520 Tractor
Ventrac 4520 TractorVentrac 4520 Tractor
Ventrac 4520 TractorVentrac 4520 Tractor
Ventrac 4520 TractorVentrac 4520 Tractor
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