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Lawn Fungicide Spray Makes It Simple to Tackle Disease Prevention and Control

Have you noticed your grass or turf is looking a bit lifeless and brown? Has its lush density decreased, causing unsightly patches?

There may be a more significant issue present, like lawn diseases and fungi, but have no fear. Lawn fungicide spray cures and prevents all forms of fungal problems! Effective fungicides, whether liquid or granular form, work to make your lawn disease-free.

Reinders makes it easy to bring healthy, attractive grass back to life with products from industry-trusted vendors like SyngentaBayerBASFNufarm, and Quali-Pro.

Say Goodbye to Brown or Patchy Grass with Spray and Granular Lawn Fungicides

Fungal disease prevention and control is now quick and easy, thanks to systemic fungicides!

Fungicides work by stopping or killing fungi that commonly lead to lawn disease. By eliminating the fungus spread, you’re actively preventing the disease from spreading throughout the lawn and infecting other plants.

There is a wide variety of lawn and turf fungicide sprays that cures and prevents fungal problems, along with a proper treatment plan to ensure effective long-lasting results.

Discover Types of Fungicides

Although fungicides come in various forms, from granular fungicides to sprayable liquids, we recommend comparing and contrasting different fungicide types. By understanding the difference, you’ll be able to select the best product for your lawn and landscaping needs.

Systemic vs. Contact

A systemic fungicide protects against and kills fungus by absorbing into plants upon contact, then moving within it. Systemic fungicides can move from the tip of the leaf to the base of the leaf or journey from the roots all the way up the entire plant!

In contrast, contact fungicides do not abord within the plant; they only stay on the plant’s surface. When contact fungicide remains on the surface, it creates a protective exterior barrier that requires reapplication as the plant continues to grow.

Preventative vs. Curative

If you want to protect and prevent your plants from being infected with diseases, choose preventative fungicides. They allow plants to fend off fungal infections, as well as deter fungi from returning.

If the plant is already infected, curative fungicides work to slow and stop the fungus from damaging the rest of the plant. Curative fungicides primarily stop and slow disease and damage from spreading to the rest of the lawn.

Broad-Spectrum vs. Narrow-Spectrum

Broad-spectrum fungicides, as the name implies, work for various fungi varieties.

On the other hand, narrow-spectrum fungicides work to combat specific types of fungi. Most systemic fungicides that absorb into the plant are narrow-spectrum and effective against only a particular selection of fungus.

There are plenty of lawn fungicide options that can help keep your lawn healthy and disease-free.

Now, let’s explore some effective lawn and turf fungicide sprays from brands like Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Nufarm, and Quali-Pro that can help you do just that!

Take a Glimpse at The Best Lawn Fungicides Sprays at Reinders

Syngenta Subdue Maxx Fungicide

Syngenta’s Maxx fungicide can stop diseases from further germination with broad-spectrum disease control while controlling what’s already present, thanks to system and contact activity. Use this liquid fungicide on landscape ornamentals, golf courses, turfgrass, athletic fields, and residential and commercial lawns.

Bayer Signature XTRA Stressgard Fungicide

Enhance plant health and turf quality with an ultimate systemic fungicide like Signature XTRA Stressgard from Bayer. Not only will this formulation minimize stress from abiotic and biotic sources, but it will protect against warm-weather decline, UV radiation, and Pythium blight. With a wide application window, this fungicide supports earlier spring green-up, turf fill-in, improved color and density, and healthier roots. This turf fungicide spray is excellent for golf courses, sports fields, turfgrasses, and municipal and commercial sites.

BASF Emerald Fungicide

This granular fungicide provides dollar spot control for up to 28 days with a single application! BASF’s Emerald turf fungicide utilizes low use rates and strong residual control while effectively controlling dollar spots that have developed resistance. Emerald granular fungicide works on a wide variety of major turf specifics in every United States region.

Nufarm 26/36 Fungicide

Integrate 26/36 fungicide into your disease management plan for effective control of ornamental diseases. With a proprietary blend that leads to dual plant moment activity, you can improve the plants’ resistance and increase the length of broad-spectrum, preventative, and curative disease control. Use this sprayable fungicide on ornamentals, sod farms, turfgrass, institutional areas, and golf courses.

Quali-Pro Enclave Fungicide

A broad-spectrum fungicide like Quali-Pro’s Enclave formula fights against fungal diseases in ornamentals and turfgrass. Achieve long-lasting protection against anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, and snow mold. This fast-acting, long-lasting fungicide delivers both preventive and curative disease controls while reducing and preventing disease resistance. It’s perfect for landscape ornamentals, warm-season and cool-season turfgrasses, golf courses, and commercial turf.

To discover more top-performing products, there’s an extensive variety of lawn fungicide sprays to choose from on Reinders.com! You’ll receive the best lawn protection and control thanks to products from brands you know and trust.

For fungicide recommendations and fungal disease prevention tips, our team of experts is here to help! Contact us today.

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