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Yard Care Has Never Been Simpler Thanks to The Industry’s Best Lawn Care Equipment

Whether a homeowner or residential landscaper, you need lawn care equipment that makes yard care time-efficient and straightforward.

With high-performing lawn tools like leaf blowers, weed trimmers, edgers, pruners, and sod cutters, you’ll make light work of even the most tedious tasks. Designed with innovative features, Reinders carries lawn care equipment that has proven dependability and guaranteed results.

Thanks to the industry’s top leading brands like Echo, GeoRipper, Ryan, Billy Goat, and Terra Trench, beautiful, healthy grass has ever been easier to maintain!

Make Tedious Tasks Easy and Clean-Up Comfortable with Leaf Blowers, Weed Trimmers, and So Much More

Invest in an arsenal of lawn care equipment and lawn tools that get the job done right no matter the season.  Outdoor upkeep won’t feel like work when you have the essential tools to aid in productivity and efficiency.

With different features and operating limits, you’re sure to find the right piece of equipment in Reinders’ expansive stock. Take a look at some high-performing equipment that handles anything from lawn aeration to weed trimming to everything in between.

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Leaf BlowersLeaf Blowers

Leaf Blowers

Give your body a break and bust out the big guns…more so, the big blowers! Leaf blowers have the power to speed up the leaf-cleaning process. They also have a diverse range of functions to help out around large areas of landscaping. For instance, leaf blowers can blow off light snow from driveways and clear pathways or other areas of the property from dirt and debris.

With a range of handheld, backpack, or force push blowers from brands like Billy Goat and Echo, you’ll be able to comfortably perform such tasks without exerting too much effort.

Weed TrimmersWeed Trimmers

Weed Trimmers

Wave goodbye to backaches and hand fatigue with commercial-grade weed trimmers. This essential lawn care tool not only cuts and trims grass, hedges, and weeds, but it gives you easy access to hard-to-reach garden areas in the landscape.

Weed trimmers are easy to operate thanks to a lightweight build that allows for uninterrupted work over the span of a few hours— you won’t be surprised if you drastically decrease your labor because of it!

Browse powerful weed and hedge trimmers with either straight or curved shafts from the trustworthy brand Echo to achieve all of your cutting and trimming jobs.

Lawn Aerator EquipmentLawn Aerator Equipment

Lawn Aerator Equipment

Aerating lawns is an excellent practice to promote healthy grass growth. Aeration promotes healthy grass and reduces maintenances by improving the air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere, enhancing the soil water and fertilizer uptake, and strengthening turfgrass roots.

Core aeration has a variety of benefits which can be achieved by having top-performing lawn aerator equipment in order to do so! You need heavy-duty, reliable equipment to achieve close, deep core holes to optimize aeration efficiency.

Shop products from Ryan, an industry-trusted brand that achieve quality aeration on various sized grounds.

Power PrunersPower Pruners

Power Pruners

Pruners work to trim trees and high branches from the ground. This particular lawn excels in both precision and functionality with its lightweight build and robust power.

Another great addition to your lawn equipment fleet is a chainsaw to handle more forestry and logging work. Together, both pieces of equipment have similar operating principles to make light work of tree branch trimming, cutting, and pruning.

Echo carries a reliable, powerful variety of pruners and chainsaws to achieve both small and large jobs.

Sod CuttersSod Cutters

Sod Cutters

Efficiently remove unwanted grass and weeds directly from the roots to build attractive garden plots and landscaping beds with heavy-duty sod cutters. Lawn equipment like sod cutters make it easy to achieve large projects in little time— you can easily remove large sections of sod to expose bare ground and clear grass for a wide variety of projects.

Choose high-quality Ryan sod cutters to maneuver around tight turns and precisely cut into a large variety of landscape contours and soil conditions.



To revitalize damaged grass patches, overseeding is the way to go. If you’re working with large areas of land, this particular lawn tool helps evenly distribute seed to aid in fortifying the grass with fresh, healthy growth. With reliable overseeders, you can control the seed flow rate and ensure direct soil-slit precision to achieve unmatched seed-to-soil contact.

Heavy-duty push and self-propelled overseeders from Billy Goat control both seed release and blade engagement, making it a versatile machine that increases ROI.



Browse GeoRipper trenchers to tackle digging jobs in a robust, reliable way. With simple-to-use, modern operations, you can effortlessly dig and maneuver in tight spaces without breaking much sweat instead of digging by hand.

Increase your productivity, decrease injury, and conveniently dig up to 16” deep with Terra Trench’s extensive line of GeoRipper trencher lawn equipment.

Explore More Lawn Care Supplies & Tools

The selection doesn’t end there! Whether you’re searching for backpack weed sprayers, seed and fertilizer spreaders, or soil tampers, you're sure to find it all right here at Tackle any sized lawn care project with efficiency, productivity, and ease.

For more handheld lawn care necessities, check out our extensive array of supplies & tools! You can browse loppers, hedge shears, wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes from the best brands in the lawn care industry. No piece of equipment is too big or small, and with different product features and series availability, you’re guaranteed to achieve amazing results.

With Reinders, you’ll not only receive quality products from brands you know and trust, but you’ll also experience unmatched customer service and receive industry expertise! Our team has the mastery in lawn care and landscaping to best accommodate and serve you.

Contact us today for product recommendations, lawn care equipment troubleshooting, or lawn care tips and tricks. We’re happy to help you achieve healthy, beautiful plots of land for commercial and residential projects of any size.

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