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Essential Landscaping Tools Help Create Beautiful Lawns and Healthy Grass

Robust, heavy-duty equipment is awesome for tackling time-intensive and laborious projects, but don’t forget to have the essentials on hand!

Landscaping tools like spreaders, pruners, shovels, and rakes are important supplies that are entirely easy to use and conveniently straightforward. Having an inclusive variety of simple landscaping tools lets you work on any sized project for any commercial or residential land.

Invest in a valuable array of supplies and tools at brought to you by the landscaping industry’s top brands. With CoronaSeymour MidwestAmerican ExcelsiorBlackburnChapinEarthwaySterling, and Valley View, you’ll find exactly what you need to boost business productivity and give you the results you’re after!

From Edging to Spraying to Pruning, Tackle Any Lawn Project with The Best Landscaping Tools and Equipment

The modernization and advancement of equipment in the landscaping industry is ever-changing, from commercial-grade compositions to multifunctional features. Innovative equipment helps exponentially in your lawn care and landscaping businesses by saving time and labor; however, nothing quite beats the basics!

Essential landscaping tools are refreshingly un-sophisticated—no bells and whistles, no technology— just straightforward items that anyone in your crew can use.

By compiling a stock of reliable landscaping supplies, you’ll not only be able to achieve basic lawn care maintenance, but you’ll also boost productivity, reduce labor time, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Check out some of our favorite must-have tools below!

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Landscape EdgingLandscape Edging

Landscape Edging

Create clear, precise boundaries between your lawn, landscape plots, and flower beds with edging tools. By properly edging and framing barriers, you’ll eliminate the unwanted appearance of grass and weeds crossing paths and sprouting up where they shouldn’t be while defining the focal points around the land.

Choose durable, resilient edging structures from brands like Valley ViewAmerican Excelsior, and Curv-Rite to achieve discrete yet pleasing borders.

Pruning ToolsPruning Tools

Pruning Tools

Pruning tools are convenient and handheld to complete a wide variety of pruning and trimming jobs. Pruning encourages new growth and promotes the plant to grow in an organic, natural shape. Utilizing hand pruners allows you to remove dead, dying shrubs and branches of small sizes.

The right pruners fit comfortably in hand and ensure clean, precise cuts with power. For trimming and shaping large, dense hedges, opt for heavy-duty hedge shears with long, powerful blades. Loppers are even more robust pieces of equipment with longer handles, making it easy to reach twigs and branches in hard-to-reach areas.

Corona and Seymour Midwest have a trustworthy selection of pruning tools in various ergonomic designs that are perfect for contractor performance.



A classic landscaping tool like the shovel is as versatile as it comes. Shovels are a necessary component for your lawn care needs, ready to dig holes and make light work of often-laborious duties. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and possess ultimate strength and durability. From trenching to gardening to draining, the proper shovels can do it all.

Shop a wide variety of shovels from Seymour Midwest and Corona and choose your preferred handle material and shovelhead style to best accommodate your needs.



Removing leaves is not the only function of such a simple landscaping tool— tough jobs benefit from landscaping rakes, as well! Remove soil, gravel, mulch, and compost, level the ground, or spread out ground coverings with sturdy, robust rake options that are lightweight and easy to use. Whether using a steel rake or leaf rake, you can ensure that you’ll improve the overall quality of the ground you’re working on.

Midwest RakeStructron, and Kenyon carry the best variety of rakes in multiple handle materials and rake head sizes for different performance needs.

Backpack Weed SprayersBackpack Weed Sprayers

Backpack Weed Sprayers

Optimize spraying efficiency by choosing a backpack weed sprayer for ultimate convenience and precision. Sprayers work to prevent, reduce, and control insects, diseases, and weeds that could potentially damage or harm surrounding lawn areas. Sprayers dispense chemicals in a safe, efficient way and come in a range of styles and models. Backpack weed sprayers, specifically, make it easy to carry a large load of chemicals and cover an expansive area of ground with an evenly dispersed layer.

Shop Chapin weed sprayers and backpack model varieties to effectively control weeds in a lawn or field.

Seed and Fertilizer SpreadersSeed and Fertilizer Spreaders

Seed and Fertilizer Spreaders

Make light work of maintaining lawn, grass, and turf health by adding a seed and fertilizer spreader to your fleet of landscaping tools and equipment. Spreaders equally distribute material like seed and fertilizer over land to prevent unwanted weeds, pests, and uneven feeding. To maintain healthy soil and encourage new plant growth, choose a spreader for all of your feedings this season.

Seed and fertilizer spreaders from top leading brands like EarthwayThe Andersons, and Prizelawn have various performance features and functionality to quickly and evenly disperse materials over large land areas in little time.



Take a load off your back by utilizing wheelbarrows to transfer things like mulch, soil, fertilizer, and other heavy materials to and from different areas of the yard. Such a functional piece of equipment aids in productivity and efficiency with its lightweight yet sturdy build.

It’s never been easier to transport large objects like plants, trees, and shrubs in minimal time with Sterling’s selection of reputable wheelbarrows.

Reinders is Your One-Stop-Shop for All Landscaping Tools & Other Miscellaneous Supplies

At Reinders, we combine our expansive selection of top-performing products with our industry expertise to give you a shopping experience like no other.

We make it easy to find exactly what you need, whether it’s marking toolssoil tampers, fabricshand saws, or other miscellaneous supplies and tools.

Our team comprised of landscaping and lawn care experts are readily available to provide you with knowledgeable landscaping tool recommendations and mastery lawn care tips. Your businesses will thrive with our services and support (just like the land you care for)! Contact us today to increase business productivity, decrease labor and injury, and maintain healthy, beautiful grass for commercial, residential, or municipal projects of all sizes!

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