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Walk Behind Ice Melt Spreaders - Make Easy Work Out of a Tough Winter Task

With inevitable snowy weather arriving for some and just around the corner for others, professionals in snow and ice removal are preparing for their time to shine. Getting rock salt and ice melt products spread evenly and efficiently is an absolute necessity to keeping commercial and private properties alike safe from possible accidents. The right commercial grade winter spreader will make it a breeze to tackle any application that comes your way. And with heavy duty construction, trust your spreader will be strong enough to handle the elements this whole winter season and still be ready to go again when the snowy months roll back around.

Commercial Ice Melt Spreaders are Built Tougher than Any Winter. Let’s face it - Salt spreading is likely not the most exciting task a snow and ice professional will take on this season. But it’s incredibly necessary! Snow and ice can make otherwise safe walkways, parking lots, and other public areas potential hazards. The newly slick grounds are accidents waiting to happen and commercial properties, municipal buildings, schools, and even residential areas need to be properly prepared to take on the dangers to keep everyone as safe as possible. And with the right tools, getting these applications done can be a cost effective and efficient process.

Have faith in your investment as the construction of these salt spreaders are top of the line. These commercial grade salt spreaders are built to last and withstand the harsh elements of the winter. With many hoppers built from polyethylene, it enhances the life of the equipment, making them noncorrosive and able to withstand any snow or rain you may encounter.

Knowing that the winter may bring on some tougher terrain to traverse, there’s a few options on the market that are especially well equipped with heavy duty tires. This gives you better stability and maneuverability wherever your applications may take you. The Chapin 82400B Professional Salt Spreader, for example, has 14” pneumatic tires that will aid in safely spreading product over just about any terrain the job calls for.

Commercial Ice Melt SpreadersCommercial Ice Melt Spreaders

Keep Commercial Properties Safer, Quicker with Proper Ice Melt Application

Granular ice melt products, and calcium chloride products in particular, have long been the go-to favorite for many ice and snow contractors. With some blends able to work down to even -25°F, it’s no wonder professionals trust these products to make sure properties are kept safe even in the worst of the winter months. While it may be a little slower than a liquid ice melt because it needs to become a brine in order to get in and do its job, the staying power and strength of the products keeps the pros coming back for more. Since it has further to go before its diluted by the snow, it means it will be working harder longer than a liquid product. It also means it won’t easily get washed away from any high traffic areas! Combine that with the right spreader and you’ll be easily spreading ice melt with little wasted product in no time.

With a wide variety of hopper capacities, you’ll find just the size to make quick work of any application. No one wants to be slowed down by the nuisance of having to stop to refill the product multiple times while trying to get a job done. A sturdy and dependable walk behind can rectify that hiccup in the process by holding more rock salt at a time. Capacities up to 160 lbs means minimal refilling for even your biggest undertaking.

Be sure to look at our full line of granular ice melt options to find exactly the product that meets your needs. Do you need to take on applications in areas that need to stay safe for tiny paws coming through? You may want to check out Winter Paw Ice Melt as an option. Is your next job asking that you take on tough to fight ice deposits while being gentle on the surrounding greenery or buildings? Many ice melts are now specially formulated for special needs, so there’s sure to be an option that meets your exact list.

Liquid Ice Melt SpreaderLiquid Ice Melt Spreader

A Walk Behind for Every Need- Even Liquid Ice Melt, Grass Seed, and More!

However, not every application calls for granular ice melt. Should the job require liquid ice melt, there are also walk behind sprayer options like the SnowEx Walk Behind Liquid Sprayer. Get the control and maneuverability you love of a walk behind spreader while still getting your liquid application done. This model in particular even comes with a spray wand to easily reach some of those tougher to reach spots! Now you can easily make sure every last step in the stairwells are safe all season long.

And though we’re focused on tackling salt and ice melt applications with ease, some salt spreaders, like the Earthway Commercial Broadcast Spreader, can still be put to work during the off season too. With the ability to use the FLEX-SELECT Interchangeable Tray system, easily adjust the output of your spreader to go from tackling rock salt application to grass seed application, to everything in between! And with commercial grade construction on top of sturdy stud-type tires on rust-proof poly rims, you can be sure your spreader will be up for the challenge all year long.

Check out our full selection of Winter Products to make sure you’re well stocked in the best professional grade tools to help make this season a hassle-free and successful one, no matter how hard the storms hit.

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