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Granular Ice Melt- The Most Trusted Go-To in Deicers for Professionals Tackling the Winter Elements

Break through thick icy challenges with the right Granular Ice Melt

As the winter months bring snow and storms your way, be prepared to tackle it all with professional grade granular ice melt for all of your commercial application needs. From rock salts to chloride blends, granular ice melts have long been the favorite for its dependability when tackling thicker ice deposits. With options that can work up to -25°F, you’re sure to find a product that will get the job done no matter how brutal of a winter may lie ahead!

Granular ice melts, and Calcium Chloride products in particular, have a longstanding reputation for being exceptional at handling ice and snow when they collect in thicker deposits. Any business or commercial area will be safer faster with the right ice melt in your tool kit. The heat generating chemical make-up of the chloride blends are great at working quickly to break the bond between ice and pavement. This makes it an excellent choice when trying to keep walkways and parking lots safe from accidental slip and falls that become increasingly common this time of year.

Unlike a liquid deicer, a granular ice melt holds its concentration longer. Because it isn’t diluted as easily as a product that’s already a liquid, it’s a smart option for keeping walkways and higher traffic areas safer for longer. Rest assured that the product won’t wash away as easily should there be any precipitation ahead in the forecast.

Specifically blended to be less corrosive

Even with incredible strength and fast action, there’s no need to worry about residual damage as many of the products have been specifically blended to be less corrosive and therefore less of a threat for damage on surrounding areas. Many have also been formulated specifically to avoid any oily residue, so there’s no need to stress about tracking remnants into businesses, buildings, or homes. There’s no need to compromise strength of product when there’s more factors you need to keep in mind! Get the power in an ice melt that you need and trust that when the weather has cleared up, there will be no signs of your hard work left behind.

With so many options on the market, you’re sure to find a perfect fit for you or your clients’ needs. The application process is hassle-free and efficient with the use of any of our top of the line winter spreaders. Combining the right ice melt with a sturdy salt spreader will allow you to evenly apply product to a larger area, ensuring that the work is done well and done fast.

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